Let’s Eat: Elements Cafe

Recently, I went to Elements Cafe. A friend invited me to one of her girls night’s out. She was the organizer and did a great job of bringing together a bunch of different friends from her life. Some of those friends invited their friends (you remember that old Faberge shampoo commercial, right?).

We ended up with 11 woman and about 13 bottles of wine (oh yeah, a good night). Don’t worry though, the great thing about going out with a bunch of woman is that someone always has a minivan and someone is always pregnant which equals no problem getting home!

Elements Cafe is more of a tapas restaurant.  You can choose from about five to six selections from four categories (not including dessert). You don’t have to get one from each but you can. The majority of our eleven selected from three categories mostly because they were saving room for the dessert.

The service was very good considering the group was so big and the wine was so much. I started with the crab bisque, which I thought was going to be a bit more creamy. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. It wasn’t real hot and just didn’t float my boat.

The person sitting next to me wasn’t floating in her boat either with the risotto. It came in fried balls, which she wasn’t expecting. It was a little dry for her and she didn’t even finish them.

The person on my other side did a little better with the mussels. She liked them and the portion size was pretty big (considering the tapas size).

Next up…salads. My one seat mate got the pear and arugula salad. I was debating over that and the spinach salad. Once I knew she was getting pear, I got the spinach. She was the winner. The spinach was chiffonade, which means it was cut in inedible thin strips! It was barely dressed and I hardly ate any of it.

For my entree, I got the chicken. Winner! It was so simple but really tasty. I looked around the table and everyone finished all of their entrees. It was the clean plate club everywhere!

Then onto desserts. My friend and I split the bread pudding. What a way to wrap up the meal. It was so yummy. De-licious.

The table had ordered a lot of different types of desserts and my friend was trying them all. It was my lucky day because she had enough sweets from all those tastes and I got the majority of the bread pudding!

Here’s what I loved:

  • the dessert
  • my entree

Here’s what I liked:

  • the service
  • the atmosphere
  • the bathrooms

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • the soup
  • the salad
Where do you like to have tapas?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Eat: Elements Cafe

  1. visiting from Sits!

    It’s amazing how much wine a group of women can consume 🙂 My bookclub does weekends away each year – and I’m always amused at the amount of wine brought – and bought over the course of the weekend!

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