4 Reasons to Ski at the End of Ski Season

Recently, we took a trip to Lake Tahoe. We actually stayed in Truckee with our family who rent a ski house for the season. We went during our kid’s spring break so it was at the end of ski season. The whole experience was awesome!

I’d love to give you all details of exactly what we did but ski season is over and you’d forget it by the time next year’s ski season begins. So, let me tell you why you should consider planning your next ski vacation toward the end of ski season.

1. Less Crowds on the Slopes
This one is obvious but has to be mentioned. The slopes are much less crowded, which means less lines and less people skiing on your fresh powder.

2. Not So Cold
For those of us who don’t love the cold aspect of winter sports, this is a real positive. It’s just a little warmer and sunnier as the day goes on. A nice change from freezing my butt off when the wind starts whipping around.

3. Choice of Rental Cars
This kind of goes with number one but is an even bigger benefit. With less people skiing, there were more 4 wheel drive cars available. We got a brand new SUV!

4. Ski Sales
All the stores are trying to cut their inventory so you able to reap the benefits. Most of the ski stuff is on sale for 50% off. Leave a little room in your suitcase and take advantage of the savings! (check the goggles in the picture – on sale!)

When do you think is the best time to ski?

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Ski at the End of Ski Season

  1. So sorry we missed being with everyone! We’re signing up now for next year!! Love, Mom & Dad

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