Three Things Annoying Me…

If you missed last week’s post, I shared some things I was loving (*smiles*). Don’t worry though, I’m back to being annoyed (*eye rolls*). Here’s my top three this week!

1. Shoulder Please

The other day I was driving down a four lane highway. The average speed was probably about 50 miles per hour. The person in front of me decided to turn right. No problem. He put his blinker on, which was very nice (a step in the right direction, I’m sure you’re thinking). Then he slowed down, and slowed down, and slowed down, until he was almost at a stop.

Of course, I was behind him and couldn’t change lanes because there were other cars coming. Then he finally turned right. Meanwhile, there was a HUGE shoulder area he could have pulled over to while approaching the turn and then turned right.

I’m not saying he has to get completely in the shoulder but ‘come on, dude’ give me a little room to get by you!

2. Bathroom Lights

Last time I let you in on my annoying things, I mentioned bathrooms quite a bit. Well, I’m back on it! We stayed in a hotel that had a very nice bathroom area. It had the sink area which opened up into the rest of the room. Then there was a separate area with a door that closed off the toilet and the shower.

Now, you might think I’d be annoyed that they’d put the toilet in the little room with the shower but I’m not. Nope, that didn’t really bother me. What did bother me was the light for the toilet/shower room was on the outside of the room. It was located in the sink area of the bathroom.

That meant I go in, close the door, and realize I had to open the door to put the light on. That also meant that at night, when I had to use the facilities, I had to turn on the light (exposing all sleepers to the light) and then close the door. That’s annoying.

3. Yard Sale Signs

First of all, I don’t like yard sales. I just can’t get into them. And, don’t even talk to me about having a yard sale. I did it once and hated it!

Shopper: How much is this?
Me: A nickel.
Shopper: Can you go any lower?
Me: Huh?

Lower? Really? Like what 2.5 cents??

Sorry, that’s not what annoys me. I know people love yard sales and I do get it. Go for it! Have fun…get your stuff for less than 5 cents! Here’s what I’m annoyed about.

When people have yard sales, they put up the signs on telephone poles announcing it and showing directions. No problem. But after the yard sale – TAKE THE SIGN DOWN!

I am so annoyed looking at old signs hanging all over the place. We know it’s over, the date is on there. The address is on there too…I so wish I had the guts to take those signs down and bring them back to the address listed. But, I don’t. So, I’ll just be annoyed.

Does any of this annoy you?
If not, then what’s annoying you?
Tell, tell, tell!


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