The Best Area in Puerto Rico

As I mentioned many times, I love to go to Puerto Rico. It’s a great place with tons of things to do. Lots of history and even a rain forest. But, my favorite area to stay is Condado.

Condado is only about 15 minutes from the airport but when you’re there you won’t see any airplanes. Because it’s so close we usually don’t rent a car (hello, saving money). And, another reason we don’t need a car is because Condado has just about everything within a short walk.

There are a lot of great places to stay right on Candado’s main strip, Ashford Ave.

Marriott: We’ve stayed here. Great place, right on the beach. The best thing – if you get a corner room, you have two walls of windows with two balconies. Not only can you hear the ocean, you can see it from your bed!

Conrad: We haven’t stayed here but we’ve stopped by for a visit. They have a cool lobby and they have an area of the beach, which is very calm – it looks great for little ones.

La Concha: Our favorite. You can check an old post here. It’s so cool and hip with three pools and two hot tubs. The beach is a bit small but beautiful. Get a room in the tower area – it’s so fantastic. (And once we even met Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear in the elevator – oh yeah, we’re cool.)

There is no way I can list all the places they have to eat. But there are so many options: chains (like a Chili’s, if you’re into that), tons of sushi spots (who knew, Puerto Rico was a mecca for sushi), fast food (Wendy’s, Subway again if you need a little bit of home), breakfast places (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts for when you don’t want to pay for a hotel breakfast) and even a past Iron Chef contestant’s place (you know we’ve been there – awesome!).

Again, tons of options all within walking distance from any of the hotels.

All the hotels have beach access so there’s no worries. The ocean can be a little rough. There have been times when we couldn’t actually go in but I love the sound of crashing waves so it works great for me. The sand is smooth though and it makes for great beach walks.

Normally, I love to just hang on the beach and at the pool when I go (which is usually in the middle of winter) but if you want things to do, it’s not a problem. The rain forest, El Yunque, is only a quick 20 minutes away. The waterfall is amazing. Or check out Old San Juan for a little history and quaint, old town perusing. And for a great night activity check out the Bioluminescent Bay, a cool kayak trip where you can see natural lights under water.

See everything you need – all conveniently located in Condado (or at least close by)!

Have you been to Condado or Puerto Rico?
What did you think?

Side Note: The city of Condado did not sponsor this post – I just really love the place!


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