Disaster Trip

About six weeks ago, we took a combination trip to ski in Lake Tahoe and relax in Phoenix. When we got home my husband and I were getting ready for bed and discussed the trip.

Me: That was a great trip.
Him: Yes, it was.
Me and Him: thinking…
Me: You know, that trip was a complete disaster.
Him: Yes, it was.

It was so odd that we both thought the trip was great, until we thought about it for a second and realized so many things had gone wrong.

Here’s why it was a disaster:

1. Week long trip to a cold/ski destination and a hot/pool destination.

2. Needed to pack lots more clothes for skiing (ski pants, goggles, boots, jackets, etc.).

3. It’s not quite cold enough for everyone to wear their coats and boots so it’s all got to be packed.

4. Double the amount of clothes for the warm weather activities.

5. Connection in Phoenix (which was odd because that’s where we were coming back to).

6. Construction at the Reno airport (annoying).

7. Long wait to get our car at the Reno airport.

8. Not being able to find our family’s house in the dark (we literally drove by it four times, they finally had to come out and wave us in!).

9. Miscommunications with family on which mountain to ski.

10. Sold out ski school at the first mountain.

11. Leah crying at ski school after about 45 minutes.

12. Leah going back to ski school only to have me actually see her go down the bunny slope ALONE, fall, and start crying – thereby finishing any hopes at ski school.

13. The ski school manager making me feel like a jerk when it was my child left unattended.

14. Wasting over $100 for her to spend about an hour at ski school.

15.  Having to sit in the rental car with Leah while she slept for two hours and the rest of our party skied (and I couldn’t get wireless access from the car).

16. Thinking I’ve packed so expertly yet somehow, I have to look through every suitcase, every time I need to find anything!

17. Trying to enroll Leah in ski school on the third day, with her approval! Only get the pick-up call about 30 minutes into the lesson.

18. Seeing Leah at ski school having a MASSIVE meltdown (red face, eyes swollen, can’t catch her breath).

19. Paying for wireless access for the day and not being able to use it.

20. Having the car alarm go off on the rental car and not being able to find the keys.

21. Finding out that my son’s (what we thought was) jammed thumb was actually broken (can you say, motherhood guilt for the rest of my life?).

22. My son having a temporary cast that can’t get wet for the second part of our vacation, which involved staying at a hotel with a water park.

23. Getting to the hotel after check in time, only to find they didn’t have a room for us.

24. Promising Leah ice cream for being such a good girl on the plane, stopping at the grocery store to buy a pint of ice cream we could eat in the hotel, finding out the room is not ready, and now there is no way to eat or store said ice cream (lest I remind you we’re in Phoenix and ice cream does not go well with hot cars).

25. Dealing with my son’s embarrassment of wearing a taped up plastic bag over his hand so we can finally go to the water park, only to realize the water is freezing and nobody wants to be there anyway.

26. Stopping by a great playground but one that has sand and Leah is wearing sandals. You think this goes together but it doesn’t. She is dying to play but won’t step onto the sand. And, of course, this is somehow being taken out on everyone around.

27. Leah throwing up in the car and poor Matt having to handle it while I’m driving.

28. Picking a local chain to meet one of my husband’s work colleagues for dinner, telling them one address and programming a different address in the GPS.

29. Sitting at the restaurant for 20 minutes only to realize I’ve taken us to the wrong place but we’re unable to contact them because the colleague’s phone battery is dead.

30. Driving like maniacs to the other place while apologizing like crazy to my husband (who is trying not to be mad but really is).

31. Not enjoying dinner because of what has happened and then getting in the car to go back to the hotel only to realize I don’t have the camera and think I left it at the first location.

32. Getting to the first location only to find it was not left there but is under the driver’s seat.

33. Getting back to Philadelphia in time to go to a Phillies game (tickets were purchase before the trip was planned) only to sit in traffic.

34. Leah throwing up (again) in the car while we sat in the traffic (just to be clear, she was not sick – she just hates car rides).

35. Leah falling asleep about four seconds after we got into the stadium (and sleeping until the eighth inning) and my husband had to hold her the whole time.

Okay, not horrific but really, not good!

Here’s why (in the end) we chalked this up as a good trip!

Have you had any disaster trips?
What happened?


4 thoughts on “Disaster Trip

  1. Wow, I am EXHAUSTED from reading about your vacation! Looking forward to reading how you were able to find the positives in it, and hoping that the list is almost as long as your disaster list! 😉

  2. Holy cow that’s a long list of problems! I usually write a trip off after #10 or so in the negative column. 35 might be enough to convince me to stay home for the rest of my life. Off to read about the positive spin. This better be some really good news!

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