Awesome Trip

Yesterday, I went on about how our last big trip was a disaster. But, it really wasn’t that bad…if you need a reminder about what went wrong, check here.

But here is why it was good:

1. Going away for a week instead of a quick trip.

2. I got all the clothes to fit into four suitcases, which was awesome considering how much we had to pack.

3. Even though we had to connect in Phoenix (our end destination), we were able to do it easily. In fact, the gate for the next flight was right next to our arrival gate (how often does that happen?).

4. We got a brand new rental car!

5. We got to spend time with our family on vacation! It was a great to see everyone and I loved all the tiny cousins playing together!

6. Our family is quite familiar with skiing in the Lake Tahoe area so we knew exactly where to go for the best skiing adventures.

7. Leah and I got to spend some quality time hanging out at the ski lodge.

8. Right before Leah fell at ski school, I filled out a survey and got a free hot chocolate. Nothing like free hot chocolate!

9. In the afternoon of the first day, my nephew, Leah, and I hung out in the lodge, which was tons of fun.

10. Because Leah was left unattended at ski school they did give us a small credit for the mountain.

11. Due to the timing of our trip, all the ski equipment was on sale. This was great when we had to buy Leah goggles, which we got for 50% off.

12. Our family took us to this awesome kids place called Soda Springs. Leah loved it, played with her cousins, and actually got to ski with just her daddy. Adorable.

13. After the second afternoon of skiing (or not skiing), we drove back to the house and experienced the most fabulous views – it was amazing.

14. After Leah’s second ski school meltdown, we spent the afternoon together in a small, book store. I know that might not seem fun for a lot of people, but we had a blast.

15. Even though my mom guilt is still in full effect from not knowing my son’s thumb was broken, at least he got to ski and his thumb is fully healed (now).

16. Because our room wasn’t available when we got to Phoenix, they gave us some $$ to use in the hotel store.

17. We had purchased ice cream, which would have totally melted in the car while waiting for our room. But, the parking valet let us store it in their freezer in their break room while we waited.

18. The room at the hotel was fantastic. It even had a full kitchen.

19. We visited a railroad museum (that we’d never been to before) and we all had a fabulous time (I highly recommend it).

20. Although Leah threw up in the car, Matt handled it like an expert.

21. We did have a huge restaurant debacle but when we went back to the first place to look for the missing camera, we realized my husband left his sunglasses there. So, even though the camera was under the seat in the car, we were able to get his forgotten glasses.

22. All our flights were on time!

23. The weather was perfect!

24. Even with the traffic in Philadelphia, we made it to the Phillies game to see the opening pitch.

25. The Phillies won!

So, not as many good things as there were bad things but by far it wasn’t the worst trip, e-v-e-r. We had a fun time and will go again (and we’ll even try Leah in ski school, again)!

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. – Epictetus

Where was the best trip you ever took?


7 thoughts on “Awesome Trip

  1. Hmmm…well 24 good things helps to balance things out (sorry..can’t give you a point for the Phillies winning…that’s a negative). Let’s call it a good trip that probably could have gone a little smoother. By this time next year, it’ll just be a great vacation.

  2. Glad to hear you were able to wade through the negatives to find all these positives!!! The adorable pic of Daddy and Leah deserves to be on the list as well- so cute!

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