A Loving Heart Is the Truest Wisdom

It’s that time again – let’s talk about love. Here are my top three for the week:

1. Mornings

Okay, mostly I hate mornings! But some mornings, Leah gets up early. Seems like it should be annoying but it’s not…because she is so cute when she comes running into our room. And, as she’s climbing up on the bed, she’s asking,

“Mommy, want to snuggle?” Yes, it’s a-dorable!

Then she gets under the covers and snuggles up all close (and puts her cold feet on me because she refuses to wear socks in bed). She smells so yummy and the whole thing is just delicious.

2. Tree Tunnel

The other day I’m driving down a quiet street in my town. There are a lot of trees in my town – there’s a whole committee dedicated to which trees can be trimmed, don’t even mention taking a tree down.

Anyway, as I look ahead, the trees on both sides of the street are coming together. So, I’m driving down the most luscious, green tree tunnel imaginable. It was so amazing – thank you town tree committee.

3. When You’re Happy

The other day Leah and I were home hanging out. She loves singing and dancing. And, she doesn’t mind making up her own lyrics and melodies. So she’s doing this on the landing of our stairs. I’m applauding after each performance.

Then she asked me if I wanted to hear a special song. Well, duh, of course I do!

She starts singing “When You’re Happy and You Know It” but changes the first verse from ‘clap your hands’ to ‘hug your mom’ and the second verse from ‘stomp your feet’ to ‘kiss your mom’ – no third verse though.

Then when she was finished she came down and hugged and kissed me. Is that cutest thing, ever. Don’t you love it? Well, I did 🙂

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. – Charles Dickens

So, what are you loving this week?


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