Phoenix – Day One

My husband’s job takes him to Phoenix quite a bit. At least once a year, we visit with him. This way we get a whole family mini-vacation and a semi-whole family vacation. Meaning my husband does some things with us but mainly it’s me and the kids visiting a lot of cool places in the area.

Since this was our third year going, we’ve visited quite a few places already. I tapped into the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau directly for help. I follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Nina got in touch with me and I shared with her when we were coming and what I was thinking of doing. She confirmed some things and helped me out with additional suggestions. She was super helpful! (Thanks, Nina!)

Day One

We stayed at the Arizona Grand Hotel two years ago and had a good experience. Although we didn’t start out too good this time. The room wasn’t ready for check-in. Normally, we are always trying to check in early – this was the one time we arrived beyond the 4pm check-in time only to be sent away. On the plus side, the parking valet was very nice and made the experience a little better.

We were able to check-in about and hour or so later. In the meantime, we went grocery shopping for some snacks, drinks, and breakfast stuff. Why? Because our suite had a full kitchen – yippee!

The suite we were staying in was on the first floor, much better from climbing steps with a little one. However, a lot of foot traffic going by so it was noisier. Depending on your preferences, make your request appropriately.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take full advantage of the water park. You may remember my son broke his thumb and couldn’t get it wet. He’s fourteen and for some reason wasn’t into visiting the water park with his arm in a plastic bag held on with water proof tape – go figure.

I do love the rooms here though. Lots of space and it works well for our family. I do have one or two gripes. They don’t give you any type of liquid dish soap. They do give you dishwasher soap but no “old-school, doing the dishes” type of soap…sounds petty but I just want to wash a glass not do a whole load. This wouldn’t be so bad if housekeeping did the dishes in the sink, but they don’t. Again, petty I know, but I don’t think it’s reasonable.

The first night we ate at Aunt Chalada’s. Nina advised us of better Mexican options but we wanted to stay close the first night. Another cool feature of the hotel is they have a golf cart that takes you and picks you up from the restaurants – bring on the margaritas!

We were able to eat outside and really enjoyed ourselves and our meals. The birds trying to steal a scrap or two were completely entertaining to Leah (our three year-old). That’s all we needed!

They give you tons of food and because of the kitchen in our room, we brought home leftovers. Nothing like Mexican leftovers for breakfast – yum!

Stayed tuned for Day Two!

Check out our trip two years ago.
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