Phoenix – Day Two

In my last post, I told you about the first day of our Phoenix trip. Now, it’s on to our second day – yippee!

We started out going to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. I had never been here before but found it easily with our GPS. As we walked up to the entrance, we couldn’t miss the merry-go-round. You might not remember this but my daughter LOVES merry-go-rounds. This visit was going to be a success!

I went into the ticket office and there was no line. I told the woman I was little lost on what to buy. She asked me how many were in my party and their ages. She asked me if I wanted to do the merry-go-round, train ride, and train museum (their three attractions). I said yes and she said $12, then gave me my tickets.

With my $12 purchase, we got two merry-go-round turns (my son didn’t go), one turn on the little train ride for all of us, and unlimited visits for all of us through the two train museums. I call that a bargain!

Of course, Leah loved the MGR. The train ride was a little tiny for my son and I but Leah liked it a lot. The first train museum was an old presidential train car (mainly used by FDR). It was set up to look as it had back when it was in use. It was cool to see the bedroom and bathroom areas, which were so tiny. I found it hard to believe our presidents used something so small and seemingly economical (I guess it was a different era).

Leah loved this museum! She made us go through it four times (that’s how I know it’s unlimited times). Finally, my son and I had enough and we made her move on to the next train museum, which was a huge building filled with miniature trains going through lots of little town scenes (you know with little buildings and people).

I had a train set growing up so I enjoyed visiting the museum, even though a lot of it was still under construction…it was actually kind of fun watching them build stuff. Leah liked it too but I think she liked running around in the building with it’s passageways to watch the trains – not sure if she was really enjoying the actual trains.

They also had a great playground, although it did have sand (so if you come, please bring your child in closed shoes – trust me, they don’t want that hot sand touching their feet).

I highly suggest visiting. There was a lot to do for a small amount of money. It was beautiful with plenty of shade and quite clean.

We visited for a while and were ready for lunch. Nina had suggested a place close by but I was worried about finding something Leah would like (after the playground sand incident, I wanted a peaceful lunch) so we went to McDonald’s. Lame, I know but I had to do it.

From there we went back to the hotel to chill for a little while and then onto pick up my husband from work. We went straight to play miniature golf. The place was very nice. Lots of shady parts, beautiful flowers all over, some easy holes, some hard holes, just very nice. Here’s a bunch of the pictures and yes, all the flowers are within the actual course!

After, they had a playground of sorts, which the kids played in for a while.

Then it was off to dinner at Oregano’s. This place is great. One of my favorite parts is they gave Leah a little ball of pizza dough. She got to play with that while we waited for our food – very entertaining!

We went back to the hotel and relaxed.
These funny faces had to get ready for Day Three!


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