Best Trip Ever

We do a lot of traveling (hence the blog) and visit a lot of places. We usually have a great time wherever we go. Sure, sometimes it’s fraught with disasters but in the end it winds up being fun (at least that’s how we remember it after a few years).

However, this past week, I experienced the best trip ever.

My daughter and I went to Storybook Land. Now, this is not really a “big” trip. It’s only about an hour away and only two of us went for one afternoon. None the less, I’m categorizing it as a trip.

Here’s why it was the best:

  • we didn’t rush
  • it was clean
  • we walked all over without missing the stroller
  • everyone was nice
  • we had no expectations
  • the weather was perfect
  • we loved the rides and the exhibits
  • there were no tears (NONE, that is unbelievable but true)
  • it was age appropriate
  • nobody got car sick

This all happened even though:

  • it was expensive
  • we had to park far
  • it was crowded

Storybook Land is filled with all rides and small exhibits related to kid’s stories. I say exhibits because I don’t know what else to call them. Here are some examples of the exhibits:

  • A big boot you can walk through that is supposed to be the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe
  • A big sculpture of Moby Dick with his mouth open you can stand in
  • A pumpkin with a moving statue of a woman making pies representing Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater (and another pumpkin you can go in)
  • Snow White’s house that you can look in the windows and see and hear the elves singing and dancing (and a Dopey figure to stick your head in)
  • Live birds including a regular peacock and two white peacocks (I’ve never seen those before!)

See, exhibits, right?

They also have rides, like:

  • train ride, which goes around the park
  • dragon ride
  • teacups
  • merry-go-round
  • card maze
  • ferris wheel

They have a few rides that are faster, higher, and overall a bit scarier but my daughter doesn’t like those yet, so we stuck to the smaller rides.

Storybook Land is perfect for three through eight year-olds. Younger or older can certainly go but I don’t think they’d enjoy it as much. It really is a clean, well-kept park that is lots of fun!

Have you been to Storybook Land?


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