If You Can’t Annoy Somebody…

Here are the things that I’ve been annoyed by lately…

1. Service

Okay, so, I have a Diet Coke addiction. But it gets worse. I don’t just like any, old Diet Coke. I like fountain Diet Coke. Only fountain Diet Coke. Don’t judge me!

Anyway, I’ve been good at limiting myself to one per day. Again, don’t judge me – that’s a big step. Here’s what annoyed me the other day. I go into McDonald’s for my one DC of the day. I order it (which I think they think I’m crazy because that’s all I get)…one medium drink. The girl takes my money and then walks away. Without giving me my cup. She doesn’t even have to get the actual soda, I have to do that myself, which if fine. But, she does have to give me the cup.

Now she goes off and gets two other people their orders filled. And, she will not look up. I mean I’ve never seen such concentration. I can not get her attention. Finally, she comes back and I ask for my cup. Then she just hands it to me, like no big deal!

I know it’s not really that big of a deal but come on, give me my cup already – I want my DC!!!!

2. Grass

Why do people and landscapers blow mowed grass clippings into the street. This annoys me!!!

It is just going to blow all over the place, probably right back to where they just blew it off. Also, it looks like junk, all covering the street in front of the house. Also, when I’m driving by, I don’t want your grass clippings blowing in my window.

What ever happened to bagging or composting your grass clippings???

3. Loud Talkers

The other day I went to lunch with my husband. We sat at the outside area of the restaurant. Right next to us were two men. Middle aged men, who obviously think they are God’s gift to the earth and all of us who live on the earth. Why?

Because they were talking so loudly. So that everyone could hear their conversation. And, they were discussing kid’s baseball. You know these guys, right? The ones who wanted to be professional baseball players but couldn’t make it. So their only option is to relive their baseball “careers” through the younger generation.

What I couldn’t believe is they were using kid’s first and last names, talking about how badly they play, talking about what pains the kid’s parents are, on and on and on. Completely inappropriate and…completely annoying!!!

If you can’t annoy somebody, there’s little point in writing.  – Kingsley Amis

What’s been annoying you lately?


6 thoughts on “If You Can’t Annoy Somebody…

  1. I am a big fan of fountain diet coke as well…people who aren’t addicted to it like we are just don’t understand how wonderful it is. 😉 I have been on a Sonic Diet Coke kick…they have happy hour from 2-4 and sodas are 1/2 off!

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