New York City FUN

Oh yeah, we went to New York City for an overnight trip!

New York City. It’s the place to be – the heart of the country. It’s where things happen. It’s where the cool kids live. I know not everyone wants to live there (not everyone is cool enough to live there) but it is an awesome place to visit!

We went up for a small reunion of sorts with some of my husband’s old friends. One of those friends is cool enough to live there. He knew all the places to go and set it all up for us. I’ve been to NYC lots of times (because I’m kinda cool like that) so we didn’t need to do any of the “normal touristy” stuff.

We took Amtrak from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to NY Penn Station. If you’ve never been to 30th Street Station, you should go. It’s one of my favorite places. It’s filled with people yet so quiet – it’s like going back in time. Train travel to me seems so elegant – I love it.

Upon arriving in NY, we walked a few blocks to our hotel, The Carlton. This hotel didn’t disappoint. It was just oozing NYC coolness. Don’t get me wrong the rooms are tiny but they make the most of the space.

We went to a late lunch at The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English. There are tons of food areas – you can get just about anything to eat there! The food was really good. The service, not as good…it was crowded but still, I expected better.

We then took a quick walk over to Bergdorf Goodman shoe department…amazing. I mean I didn’t buy anything. Not because there wasn’t anything under $700 but mainly because I just couldn’t find anything I liked. Yep, that was it…nothing there I liked…

We walked over to Central Park, which is beautiful. It’s such a gorgeous place and right in the middle of a huge city…makes it all the more remarkable.

We visited some friends and went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We went to Beaumarchais. It’s in the meat packing district (I love being able to say that).

This place is amazing. We went after 10p, which I would suggest. But, don’t go too hungry. The food is very good but it’s tough to eat. Why?

Because it’s packed and they play loud dance music. Then people get up on their chairs and dance! Totally fun!! Fun to watch and fun to do!!! (Sorry, no pictures of that – well, maybe there are, but I’m not posting those!!)

But, it’s weird when they come with the food because they’ve got to get you off the chair to eat it. And, then you eat some but a good song comes on so you get on your chair again but they don’t know if you’re done. So, they’re tugging on you to get you to either eat or let them take your plate away – it’s crazy!! See, New York!!! It’s awesome!!

We went to bed super late, maybe a little drunk..maybe. Luckily our train home wasn’t until 11a, so we slept in a bit.

And, that was it. But, really isn’t that enough. Great food, great drinks, and most importantly, great friends. It made for an exciting night in an exciting city.

What do you love most about NYC?


3 thoughts on “New York City FUN

  1. I’m not saying you have to post the pictures of YOU dancing on the chair, but shouldn’t there be some of the guys that could be published?
    Sounds like it was a fun weekend.

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