Spark and Hustle

I’ve always liked the idea of starting my own business. It’s totally cool to be in complete charge of all the decisions. Bask in the glory of success based on your idea and your energy. Spend time at your vacation home in the South of France. Enjoy all the luxuries and riches life has to offer.

Shh, I’m dreaming here. Don’t bring me down with how hard it is, all the set backs, the failures, and that you probably don’t get paid for the first few years.

I do know all that stuff. I do understand how hard it is. And, I envy those people who have the courage to actually do it. Are you one of those people? Do you want to be? Well, maybe I can help. Not me exactly, but Tory Johnson and her new book Spark and Hustle.

When the opportunity came for me to review this book, I jumped on it. Not because I am going to actually start a “real” business with a “real” product because that’s not my dream. I said, I liked the idea…I didn’t say, it was my dream.

My dream is to be a successfully published writer. Now, be kind…I just shared my dream. That’s big for me. See, my problem centers around fear of failure. I’m afraid to try because I’m afraid to fail. If I fail at my big dream then what do I have left. If I don’t try really hard then at least I get to keep my dream (deep, right?).

So, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to trump this fear. My thinking is that I can apply Tory’s principals to start my published writing career.

Here’s an overview of the book:

Some people are willing to spend their lives working for someone else. Not you. You’re ready to start your own business—or grow your existing business into something bigger. You’re ready to take control of your life, your finances, your future.
Tory Johnson helps you make it happen. Based on her phenomenally successful “Spark & Hustle” workshops, Tory breaks down the basics, and helps you create a plan for success, including
  • Exploring your motivations to profit from your passion
  • How to nail a one-page business plan to launch your idea with clarity and confidence
  • Finding the money to get going, perfecting your revenue and pricing
  • Making social media (and other free tools) profitable for you
  • Mastering sales without cringing at the thought of asking for money
  • Detailed strategies for every aspect of your start-up and tactics to hustle for ongoing small business success

And, check this out to find a cool idea Tory offers for success.

I received the book and am on Chapter Three. So far, it’s been mostly introductory stuff and finding a product. But, I’m not worried. I’m going to read it all and give you periodical updates (because you want to know, right?).

If you want to purchase the book, check it out here. I’d love for you to read it too and then we can discuss. We can compare our progress! And, wouldn’t it be cool if our dreams came true!

Come on, let’s do it!

What is your dream?
Tell me below and let me know if you’re getting the book!

Side note: I was provided a complimentary copy of the book but
the opinions expressed are all my own!


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