Annoying Not…

It’s that time again when I tell you what has been annoying me this week. I know you are excited!

But, guess what…I’m not annoyed!

You probably can’t believe it, right? Well, it’s true. If you read yesterday’s post then you know it’s my birthday. Well, it was my birthday yesterday but I’m one of those people who believes in celebrating your birthday for a whole week – I mean, one day is just not enough.

And, this has been a great week! Something cool happened to me earlier in the week, which I’ll be sharing soon (don’t get too excited), I had a great sushi lunch with my kids, I had a delicious cuban lunch with my mother-in-law, dinner at a James Beard nominee place I’ve been dying to go to, and tonight a big birthday dinner too.

Tomorrow we have a graduation party and then it’s Father’s Day – celebrations all over the place! How could I be annoyed with so much fun going on?

Sure, I could be annoyed with getting older but I’m not letting that get to me – not when there is so much good food to eat, great wine to drink, awesome friends to celebrate, and my beautiful family through it all!

But, I’ll see you in two weeks – we’ll see how I’m feeling then…

Are you annoyed this week?

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