48 Hours in Barcelona – Day Two

Yes, we spent just 48 hours in Barcelona and it was amazing. If you missed Day One, check it out here.

Day Two (lots of pictures!) 

We had grand expectations of waking up early and getting over to Sagrada Família. It’s a grand cathedral built by Gaudi. We heard the lines were excessive and wanted to beat the crowds. So much for expectations.

We got up around 10am…maybe that is considered early in Spain. We got ready quickly and grabbed a quick bite of breakfast at a place close to the hotel. You must try the Spanish Omelette. It’s a tapas dish served everywhere, anytime. It’s really just potatoes and eggs but it’s delicious.

Side note: One of the things I loved about Barcelona (really, Europe in general) is right across the street from the little cafe, there’s a street corner. Just a normal street corner…cars, scooters, people passing by. But, there’s a statue situated in front of the corner building. It’s amazing. Just a statue, right there. Here in the US, when there’s a statue, there’s a whole special area. There’s not just random statues on street corners. 

We walked down to the waterfront area. You should to this just to see the sculptures and draw bridge up close.

We jumped on the Hop On/Hop Off bus and made our way to Sagrada Família. This church is a work in progress. It’s not estimated to be completed until 2026 – just to keep it in perspective, it was started in 1882.

On the way, we passed the water front area, which was beautiful. I love the buildings with the balconies. My favorites are ones with lots of flowers on the balcony. I just imagine waking up in the morning with my tea, enjoying the flowers and the ocean view.

The line wasn’t crazy and we only waited about 20 minutes. To visit the top of the church they do timed entries, which would have been another hour. We decided not to do that and just visited the inside lower portions of the church.

We jumped back on the bus and made our way to Park Guell. Again, built by Gaudi – he really has a hold on the city.

The bus lets you off at the bottom of the hill. So wear your flat shoes because it’s a hike.

Along the way, we stopped for a quick bite at Piranya. This place was great, I highly recommend it. Quick service, great food, and awesome sangria.

We then trudged the last little bit up the hill and walked around Park Geull. The park is beautiful; free to get in and a-mazing views. We weren’t sorry about skipping the views at Sacred Family.

Don’t miss Park Guell and take your time exploring – don’t just stick to the front. It’s an awesome place throughout.

We then went back down the hill and hopped on the bus. Again, I love that bus. It’s so relaxing and you get to see so much while learning about all the sights and history.

We stopped at Zara’s, one of my husband’s favorite Spanish clothing stores, which they do have in the US too. We didn’t find anything good on this trip, though.

Back to the hotel for a quick siesta and then ready for a night on the town.

We took the bus back up to the Olympic Park area. Although the actual stadium was closed, you can still walk around the grounds. It was magnificent. This is a must stop and try to time it like us at sunset – gorgeous.

Then we made our way down to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. We took outside escalators down – very cool.

The fountain show was very nice. Now, I’ve been to Bellagio’s water show in Vegas and I have to say that is better. But, this was really good too – you should put it on your list.

We didn’t stay for the whole show because we had dinner reservations so we found a taxi and went down to the waterfront.

The place we choose for dinner was La Gavina. I thought because it was close to the water, we were going to have a water view, but that is not the case…no water view from this place.

The service was very good and the so was the food, although not as good as the night before’s restaurant.

Side note: The couple next to us were on the worst date ever. The guy was looking at his phone half the time and then lights a cigar – gross. The girl smoked like three cigarettes, looking completely bored. But, enough about them and their terrible time…

After dinner, we walked through La Rambla back to our hotel and crashed!

The next morning we had to get up early for our flight. We made it through the triple security checks without a problem and were home safely by dinner. Leah hardly glanced up from playing when we came through the door, which makes me happy…I’m glad she didn’t miss us too much.

Have you been to Barcelona? What did we miss?
Or are you going soon? What’s on your agenda? 

Also, check out a review of our hotel or our Top Five things to do in Barcelona!


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