Photo of the Week: Joey

This picture may seem a bit familiar. It is a portion of the picture from last week. I had to show this part of the picture. Can you tell what that is? Yep, it’s a bird cage.

My grandmother had a parakeet. A parakeet named Joey. I never actually met Joey but I heard all about him, many…many, times. She loved that bird.

She used to let it out of the cage all the time and it would sit on her shoulder. It was very well-trained. I like to imagine that means he knew to only “do his business” when he was inside the cage – yeah, let’s go with that…

Anyway, one time Joey was out of the cage – just hanging out as he was known to do. He stuck his head in a glass to get a drink of water and fell in…and, drowned. He died.

I know, isn’t it tragic? I mean, it’s a little, tiny (just tiny) bit funny but it’s super, super sad! My grandmother was devastated and Joey has gone down in our family history as the best bird that ever lived.

I had to share this story with you, just in case you have a parakeet…don’t let him around any glasses of water. If it could happen to Joey, it could happen to anyone any bird.
You’ve been warned!


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