Let’s Stay: Le Meridien, Barcelona

As you know by now, we went to Spain. If you don’t know, check out what we did here and here! While we were there, we stayed at Le Meridien. It was a great place, so I wanted to share three of my favorite things about this hotel.

1. Location

This place is located on La Rambla, which is a central street in Barcelona. It’s close to everything you need and easy to find, on any map! We loved the location.

2. Shower

Not normally on my list of “loves” at a hotel but this shower was amazing, especially when you are feeling a little jet lagged. It is huge and has two shower heads. One is a hand-held, which I actually didn’t use.

The other is a huge rainfall shower head with the perfect amount of pressure. The temperature was easy to get to be perfect. Aaaahhhh, it was fantastic. Just, try not to think about how much water you might actually be wasting.

3. Concierge

The concierge at this hotel was great. Always available and helpful. Although we had a few dinner selections, they narrowed it down for us and made the reservations. Both places did not disappoint.

So, those were my three favorite things, but it was also clean, the beds were great, big TV, friendly service, and great art work. It’s more modern though so if you’re looking for old-world charm, you won’t find it here.

We’d stay here again (and, again)!

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