Photo of the Week: Sunscreen

Before I tell you about this picture, let me thank you for all the views, comments, and emails on yesterday’s post! By the way, look forward to more posts with the word “boobs” in the title…I think it attracts attention.

Now, onto the picture. This photo is of my aunt and her daughters at the beach.
This picture serves as your reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN.

Do you realize how lucky we are that we have such great sunscreen today. Just rub it or spray it onto your skin – done. Forget about it and go have fun.

Look what we had to resort to in the past. A towel around your shoulders. A towel around your shoulders…just imagine that during your fun day at the beach. You have to tuck it into your bathing suit. Yeah, that’s staying put.

Just kidding, you know that thing is coming off. As soon as you have to lean down for anything. Then the towel is sandy and you’re all annoyed because now there is sand in your ‘sunburn’ towel. Ever put a sandy towel on your sunburn, not fun!

Look at my aunt – not happy! Why, because her daughter’s arm around her neck. She knows as soon as this picture is taken, that towel is getting pulled from its place, landing on the ground and becoming…sandy.

So, let’s be happy for the advancements in sunscreen technology!
Apply generously and often.

Happy Summer!


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Sunscreen

  1. I am not a fan of sunbathing – never have – hence the large expanse of pasty white skin. I like to sit in the shade – leaving my cover up on – and read πŸ™‚ But somehow, I still managed to get skin cancer on my back. I am hoping that my kids will get the message, but they are fervent deniers.

    • OMG – that is terrible!! Assuming it’s taken care of and now all is good?!

      Don’t you hate when they want to learn lessons on their own? I’m like, “just listen to me! I’m trying to make your life easier, not harder!!”

  2. I’m 53. Sunscreen didn’t exist when I was a teenager. Today I get skin checks at the doctor every six months. And every six months he has to remove numerous pre-cancerous lesions. Every few years one actually turns out to be skin cancer. So far none of them have been melanoma. So far. My daughter never leaves the house without sunscreen and neither do her kids. My son is in denial.

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