Annoyed, Again?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I wasn’t annoyed? Well, that didn’t last too long. 😉 I’m annoyed this week and here’s what’s annoying me…

1. Down not Up

It really irritates me (yes, beyond annoyed – don’t worry, I’m not starting a new weekly post on what irritates me too) when parents let their kids go up the slide. Why? Why? Why? Why is this appropriate?

There are kids coming down the slide – like they are supposed to be doing. But, they can’t because some kid is climbing UP the slide. Some parents might say, “Hey, a foot in the face is fine.” But, I’m not like that. I don’t want my kid’s foot in your kid’s face. I’m not letting my kid kick your kid, even if it’s your fault.

And, I get really annoyed when I ask the kid (nicely) to move over and they look at me like I have four heads. And I get even more annoyed when the parent is standing right there, and won’t say a word!! Come on, it’s just not right.

2. One Bad Apple

Don’t you hate when you buy fruit, and get it home, and it’s terrible? This is the summer season when fruits and veggies abound. But, I hate when I bring home some super red and juicy looking tomatoes that are complete mush when I cut them open. Or when I buy some awesome looking grapes that are totally bitter.

Oh, or how about the mangos I bought after carefully picking through the pile only to get them home and find them hard as rocks and white as snow – so disappointing! I know some people take it back but I never have. Have you? What happened?

Here’s what happens with me – I’m annoyed.

3. Weeds

A while back, we bought a bunch of mulch and weed blocker. We went through all our plant beds and put down the weed block and the mulch.

Guess how long it took us…A LONG TIME!

It looked awesome for about three days. Then it looked great for a few weeks. Then it just looked okay. Now, guess what, I have weeds! Again!

Come on, weeds, get out of here. You are SO annoying!!

There you have it, my top three of the week! Fill me in about you.

What’s annoying you??

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