Photo of the Week: Bathing Cap

First, let me apologize for the quality of this picture. It’s tough to see but I love it and wanted to share it with you anyway.

It’s a picture of my mom’s cousin. Don’t you love how she is posing? So proud of herself, it makes me smile. I want my daughter to always have that look on her face – proud of herself, no matter what.

This picture also makes me happy bathing caps are a thing of the past (unless you’re an Olympic swimmer, of course – then you need two on at one time). When I was about 10, my family went on vacation and stayed in a motel. You know the kind where the swimming pool is in the middle and all the rooms open out onto the pool.

Well, this was a very popular motel on a very hot day and everyone was at the pool or sitting by the pool. Yes, everyone – at least that’s how I remember it. And, my family was old-school and thought I should wear a bathing cap.

After a huge fight in the room, I finally relented and put it on. After 30 minutes of trying to get all my hair under the bathing cap, I didn’t even want to go to the pool. But my family wasn’t having any of that.

I know that feeling now – after getting my kids ready to do something for almost an hour they decide they don’t want to do it…oh no, they’re doing it! But, at the time, I didn’t know that feeling and I was devastated that I had to go to the pool – with that stupid bathing cap!

So, I slowly ventured out. Every eye turned toward that opening door to watch me make my way to the pool. All of them whispering to one another about how ridiculous I looked! Have I mentioned, I’m a bit dramatic. To be fair (to me), nobody else was wearing a bathing cap – really, that part is very true.

Thinking back, I’m sure nobody even noticed me. At the time though, I was mortified. I got to the pool, I jumped in, I got out, and went right back to the room.

It was done and nobody was happy about it.

Today, I’m just thankful bathing caps are no longer required and just wished I could have pulled it off with as much confidence as my mother’s cousin.

Bathing caps?


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