The Bathroom Whisperer

My husband and I bought our home six years ago. It was a duplex, which we converted back into a single family home. We did some kind of work on almost every room of the house. One of the rooms we didn’t touch during that initial phase was the upstairs bathroom. Here’s what it looked like.

I couldn’t stand that dark wood vanity so I took off the doors and painted it white. I also painted the walls white to get rid of that border. After a while, I didn’t like the white so I repainted it more of a deep cream color. I didn’t love it. I picked it because I wanted something to coordinate with the ugly blue tiles.

Unfortunately, when I finished painting, it had this weird pinkish tint and it looked terrible (sorry no pictures of that one). Then after a year or two, we had some major leaking issues and decided to redo the whole room. We hired a team who came in and demolished all the plaster and tiles. They put in dry wall, a new shower, and a new toilet. We left the set-up and vanity as is.

Now, at this point you probably don’t care about this story – boring, right? But, the payoff is coming, I promise – just keep reading. The construction guy asked me about the paint color. I told him I wanted to paint it a chocolate-brown color. He said, “Ugh, don’t paint it that color! It will look terrible. Paint it a lighter color.”

And guess what? I listened to him.

Why? I don’t know.

Because when it was done, I hated it. It bugged me. I just kept thinking about the beautiful chocolate color and how much better it would have looked. But we had just finished painting it, how could I justify repainting it?

I thought about it for six months. Then decided I was going to repaint. Then I waited another six months and bought the paint. Then I put it on my to-do list. Somehow, it kept winding up at the bottom of the list. Then another year went by and I finally decided I was just going to do it!

Throughout this whole ordeal, my husband kept asking why that bathroom bothered me so much. I rarely even used it so what did it matter. I can’t explain it but it really bugged me. It just wasn’t right.

First I painted the trim. By the way, while painting the trim, I dropped the paint can on the tile floor. At that point, I was questioning why the stupid bathroom bothered me so much and was ready to throw in the towel on the whole thing.

Then I painted the vanity this cool yellow color.

Then I painted the walls the beautiful chocolate-brown color.

It’s not quite done. I want to put some ferns in there and maybe do a stencil or something around the mirror. But, guess what? I LOVE it. It looks awesome. It’s such a bright room that is now saturated with color with the yellow and brown (the pictures don’t seem to do it justice). It’s brilliant though. I’m only sorry I waited so long to follow my instinct. I’m sorry I let someone else make a decision for me!

So, after this long drawn out story – here’s my point…don’t let anyone else decide your fate. Follow your gut – whether it’s picking a career, a spouse or a simple bathroom paint color. Listen to your inner voice, it’ll always steer you in the right direction!

What’s your inner voice saying?


10 thoughts on “The Bathroom Whisperer

  1. OMG – I LOVE it!!!! If I had a nickel for every time someone tried to sway or talk me out of one of my ideas, I’d be rich! But I never have regretted them and your gut was spot on!! Yay you!!

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