Photo of the Week: Birthday Party

This photo is of a child’s birthday party (circa 1945). My mother, her sister and cousin are in the picture although it’s not a party for them. You might be able to pick them out because they have matching dresses (all made by my great-grandmother). I’m assuming the birthday girl is the one in the middle with the wearing white dress and grin.

I thought this picture was fun and the timing appropriate for me. My daughter is turning four in August and I’m trying to decide what to do for her in terms of a party. I really don’t want to have a “friend” party but she’s been to a bunch this year and can NOT stop talking about her party.

In fact, when she is mad at anyone in the house they are officially uninvited to her party. This suits me just fine. She can have the party without me. It turns out though when I say ‘okay, fine’ – she tells me I can come. Darn.

I want to take her to Dutch Wonderland for the day. She will love it but I’m afraid the day after we come home, she’ll say, “When’s my birthday party?” (even though we will have discussed at length how the trip counts as the party). And then she will proceed to have a complete breakdown (leading to years of therapy) when I remind her there is no party because we went to Dutch Wonderland.

It’s a dilemma. Yes, a ridiculous dilemma – but for me, a dilemma none the less. It’s getting close to make-or-break time though. It may be one of those times I procrastinate just enough that the decision has to roll my way.


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Birthday Party

  1. To get out of the birthday party thing, we give our children the option of a party or a “Yes Day”, where they get a whole day of doing whatever they want (within reason). I make a birthday crown and have balloons in their room when they wake up. They want ice cream for breakfast? Yes! They want us all to go ice skating? Yes? They want to stay up midnight….etc. Your little one may be too young, but you could pitch the idea 😉 beats a party, hands down!

    • OMG, what an awesome idea!!! She might be a little small for it…I could see her getting her “yes day” and then the next day wanting her “party day” too!

      Think we’re going to do a small party – like three friends to the house.

      But, I’m all over this “yes day” idea for next year!!!!!


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