Photo of the Week: Swimming

These young ladies are enjoying a great afternoon swimming at Clementon Lake Park. My mom is included in the picture with her sister and cousins.

Today Clementon Lake Park is Clementon Park, an amusement and water park. Back then, it was just a lake people from the city would visit on a sunny day. If you drive around there now, things have obviously changed but you’ll still see rather small houses in the area closest to the lake. My grandmother used to tell me these were vacation houses for the more well-off. Um, my family didn’t have one of those.

I imagine that visiting the lake for my mom and her family was a fun adventure! I imagine the ride home was less fun with the sunburn, sand, and tiredness.

Whatever you decide to do today – enjoy it. It’s summer!!
Even if it means the ride home might not be as fantastic as the ride there.


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