5 Reason to Visit The Natural History Museum…Besides Dinosaurs

When you hear Natural History Museum, you think dinosaur bones. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fossil just as much as the next mom but sometimes, I, want, more…

It’s true.

I was happily surprised when we recently visited the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia. Here’s the top five other things, I loved there.

1. Butterflies – They have an amazing butterfly exhibit there. We recently saw one in Phoenix but this was way better. Beautiful butterflies everywhere!

2. Touchable Animals – They have a all kinds of animals kids can actually touch. Cool animals, like a rabbit, tarantula, turtle – just to name a few. Also, a  bee colony where you can see the bees coming in from outside!

3. Animal Show – Everyday the have an animal show (sometimes two). The kids sit in stadium type seating and see the animals while learning all about them. After, they can ask any questions to the animal handlers.

Side Note: When we were there, we saw two birds (a turkey vulture and barn owl). After the show, Leah wanted to ask a question. She waited for every other kid to ask their questions and touch the feathers. Then she said, “Excuse me, does the owl say woo woo?”  OMG, it was adorable! By the way, barn owls don’t…they screech.

4. Actual Digging – On the second floor, they have an entire area dedicated to letting the kids dig for fossils. They get to wear goggles and use real tools. It’s a lot of fun.

5. Animal Displays – This one isn’t much of a surprise. At most other Natural History Museums they have animal displays, showing habitats of animals. They are usually very realistic looking and this was the case in Philadelphia too. I loved them. The attention to detail was amazing and we had a great time finding all the smaller animals living in the habitat.

Bonus Reason – It’s located right across the street from Logan Fountain. This fountain is beautiful. If you visit, you must take an extra few minutes to see it. The kids will love it!

Double Bonus Reason – They’re offering a coupon for discounted admission! Check it out here!

So, there you have it. The top things (other than the dinosaur bones) we loved at The Academy of Natural Sciences.

Have you visited? What did you think?
Where’s your favorite Museum of Natural History?


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