Water is for More Than Swimming

As one of our summer-fun activities, I wanted to take the kids to Animal Kingdom. It’s a small zoo, which we had never visited. The day we were leaving, I scanned the web site and Internet, just to get the latest and greatest on the place.

Thank goodness for the Internet. It seemed the place had a big fire and just reopened in June. The giraffes are the main attraction but they weren’t back at the rehabbed zoo. This trip was not going to happen. Boo!

So, I moved on to the next thing on my list of activities. Looks like we’re painting outside with colored water!

I look up a lot of activities on the Internet…but, confession time – I don’t always read the directions closely. I thought painting with colored water – cool. Noted. Move on.

Then when it comes time to do it, I can’t find the original site. How hard could it be though, right? I take water, add food coloring, grab some brushes and head outside. Here’s the thing…

that “recipe” doesn’t work.

It’s just like painting with water – no color. Not a good day, here. Back to the Internet.

I needed to add cornstarch. No problem – thankfully, I had some. We added cornstarch…


This is a fun, easy (once you read the directions) activity to do with all ages! Leah and I both really liked it.

Have you ever tried this? How’d it go?
Or if you give it a try, let me know what you think!


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