An Afternoon In Boston

My husband had a conference in Boston. We thought it would be a great idea to tag along and see the historic places there. Until we realized how expensive Boston is to stay the night!

We decided to go to Plymouth, MA instead (it’s pretty historic there too). We flew into Boston and spent the afternoon there before the 50 minute drive to Plymouth.

So, how did we spend our afternoon? First we checked out a cemetery, of course! What’s more historic than a cemetery and really, what’s more fun for the kids??

It’s actually the Granary Burying Ground and has an obelisk in dedication to Benjamin Franklin’s family (who is my all-time hero and is actually buried in Philadelphia even though he was born in Boston).

After walking around there (not that it could get more fun), we went across the way to Boston Public Garden. This is a beautiful place. I love when big cities have huge parks!

They had a huge playground, which Leah loved and a merry-go-round. That’s about all Leah needed. We could have left then! But we ventured further and went to the Swan Boats.

Have you ever seen these? They’re huge boats with bench seating and a big swan attached. For a few dollars they take you for a ride on the lake. It’s cute. Not amazing but cute. Again, the park is beautiful! Here’s a few pictures.

After, we walked over to Boylston Street and stopped by Rattlesnake for lunch (review coming). Then back through the park, grabbed our rental car, and started the drive to Plymouth.

If you’re interested, here’s a great idea – open a small but good ice cream place right off the park. We walked all over and were dying to give our money to someone with good ice cream. We stopped in one Greek place but you could see the freezer burn on the ice cream and don’t even get me started on FroYo (yuck!).

That was our quick afternoon in Boston.

Have you been? What did we miss that
we could have squeezed in one afternoon? 


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