Let’s Eat: Rattlesnake, Boston

We recently spent the afternoon in Boston. Of course, we had to stop for lunch. We chose Rattlesnake. It had seating inside or outside but it also had my favorite type of seating too. It’s right by huge doors that open up so you’re still inside but you’re almost outside – it’s like the best of both worlds!

The service was super friendly. The waitress knew about everything on the menu and described it in a down-to-earth way. You know, like she’s your friend just telling you what about the food and what she likes. I like that – not to haughty but knowledge about the food.

We started with an appetizer, the grilled avocado with lobster salad. It was a little odd. The lobster salad was great. The grilled avocado was weird. For $15, I don’t want weird – I want awesome. It was a miss for us.

My daughter is on a hot dog kick. This kid’s meal came with TWO hot dogs. Needless to say, she loved the place!

My son got the macaroni and cheese (with bacon). You can’t go wrong with that, right? Wrong. It tasted odd to me and my son. My husband though, thought it was fine.

My husband got the award-winning fish tacos. They were awesome.

I got the spicy cubano tacos. Now, the waitress told me they were spicy. She gave it an 8 out of 10 but she loved it. I was going to pass then. I like spicy but an 8 out of 10 is beyond me. My husband stepped in and said, “Try it. We can split the fish tacos and pork tacos. It’ll be good.”

Famous last words.

Those pork tacos are spicy! You get three (very generous) and I could only eat half of one! My mouth was numb and my nose was running. My husband didn’t think they were too bad until he got through three quarters of one. Then he felt the same.

When I mentioned the rating, he said he hadn’t heard her say that!!! OMG, really!!??

So in the end, my husband had an awesome meal. He ate a pork taco, two fish tacos, and most of my son’s macaroni and cheese! My son and I were hungry within an hour.

If you like spicy, you should try it.

Here’s what I loved:

  • the service
  • the seating

Here’s what I liked:

  • two hot dogs on the kid’s meal (it made my daughter so happy)
  • the risks they take with trying new flavors

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • the food 😦

Have you tried Rattlesnake? What did you think?
How spicy do you like your food?


One thought on “Let’s Eat: Rattlesnake, Boston

  1. I used to absolutely love this place. Now I refuse to even go in if a certain girl is working. There is this one girl that works there how she does is beyond me, She is the most evil rude person ive ever met in my life. She is such a disgusting human being the way she treats others. I used to love the atmosphere now I just walk by . My friends will want to stop in for a few drinks and I always have to check to see if this certain michelle girl is working. She always has something to say she is always very rude she makes me nervous she;s threatend me several times. She ended up using the bathroom at a competely different establishment one day a few months ago and I had caught her using an hypodermic needle. Once she saw me and realized what I had just seen she threw the syringe and came after me. Threatning that if I were to say anything that she would have me hurt. About a week and a half later my friends and I decided to grab a few drinks one night at the rattlesnake and unfortunately she happend to be working the whole time she was giving me awful looks. This girl is about 5″5 thin with no body very bony her hair is mostly just slicked back tied tight in a ponytail or bun and she always always has a problem with me . I try to be nice but she still is just so rude. She might not mean it it could be because of all the drugs but she always had blood from her arms or hands . Her nose always has powder you hear other customers telling her she had better go to the ladies room and wipe her nose. She is an awful girl her name is michelle she is just as awful looking as she is a person she has two very wierd eyes which look like a birth deffect of some sort but im not positive. All I know is that I looked this girl up. She has a pretty lengthy record. She used to work at the Charlestown Division Courthouse where she was fired for being a drug dealer and active drug user herself. She is the most awful person to have working in a setting such as this. She isnt even a good person . What once was one of my favorite places to go and hangout with my friends and now because of this horrible unsightly girl I dont ever really go in there anymore. She needs to be fired a girl like this working when millions need jobs I know tons of young beautiful young woman with great enthusiastic positive energy and personalities that could do a better job than her with thier eyes closed and thier hands tied behind thier backs. She is an awful person and if something isnt done about this and she is still working here within two or three weeks of me posting this I will be contacting news papers and the news about establishments hiring drug dealing active drug dealers that treat the public like crap. I will notify anyone and everyone this girl is an awful person there are many people that agree with me a few ive talked to that are from her hometown and have said she has always been the lowest of the low they were surprised she even looked showerd.

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