These Things Annoy Me

Oh yeah, it’s time to rant about what’s annoying me. Here’s my top three of the week:

1. Up My Butt

I consider myself a pretty good driver. Sometimes, I may have a lot on my mind and I may not be concentrating 100% on the ride. The guy behind me may get annoyed and want me to change lanes. No problem. I get it – I’m out.

But, dude, give me a minute. I got you. I’ve got my blinker on. I’m trying to get over. I’m trying to get you on your way. You don’t have to drive on my bumper. Now, you’re just out to annoy me. Well played.

2. Coupons

Yes, I hate coupons. They completely annoy me. I normally don’t bother with them at all…gasp! The whole coupon process is ridiculous. My husband on the other hand loves coupons. He loves to cut them out and he really uses them!

Unfortunately, he rarely does the shopping. Although, if he did, we would totally be on Extreme Couponing. You know, where they buy $1,000 worth of stuff for $1. That would be us.

But, it’s up to me. Even with him cutting them out for me, I still can’t make it work. I usually just forget to even bring them. When I do remember, I hate trying to figure out if the brand with the coupon is cheaper than the brand without the coupon. Oh, and how about when you have to buy multiple things to get the deal. Then after I go to all the trouble, I realize the coupon is expired! AAHHHH!!!!

I just don’t have it in me. Coupons are annoying, without a doubt!

3. Camp Drop-off / Pick-up

My daughter goes to summer camp. The parking lot is a mad house. I’m used to this but lately, it’s out of hand. There are lines of cars trying to find a space. I’m actually thinking of leaving like 15 minutes early just to be able to get a spot. What’s going on? I’m not sure. But it is making me CRAZY annoyed!

Do you find these things annoying?
What’s annoying you? I really want to know!

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6 thoughts on “These Things Annoy Me

  1. Personally, I say if you have your blinker on and the guy behind you doesn’t back off a few feet to let you move over, then you’re perfectly entitled to switch into that person who just keeps driving straight while their blinker is on. Fair game.

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