History, Fun, Plymouth – All in One Trip?

We took a flight to Boston, rented a car, and drove to Plymouth. It was an easy drive and only took about an hour.

We checked into the hotel with no problems and went out to dinner in the center of town. That was about all we did on the first night.

Now, my son is 14 and I have to say right now, he wasn’t too excited about our visit to a place steeped in American history. I had been to Plymouth on a road trip with my family when I was about the same age (maybe a few years younger, my memory is going) and I had a great time.


In the morning, we got up early and headed to Plimouth Plantation. I remember LOVING this place when I came but was keeping my expectations low for my son and three year-old daughter’s reactions.

Plimouth Plantation is set up like authentic Indian and Pilgrim villages with people dressed in period outfits talking like they are from that time. And, it was…awesome!

First, the weather was perfect – just a bit warm and overcast. It was no problem walking around through the villages. The Indians are actual descendant from the tribe. All of the actors were friendly, stayed in character, and gave us tons of everyday information you don’t find in history books.

We left there after a few fun hours. And to my amazement, the whole entire family had a good time – I’m not kidding. In fact, at the end of the trip, we all picked this as our favorite thing!

We went back to the hotel, went swimming at the indoor pool, and got ready for the evening. We drove into Plymouth and found a great parking spot close to the rock.

We spent a few minutes visiting the rock and walked over to the
Mayflower II.

We toured the boat and were amazed at how small it was. That 122 people stayed on that boat for two months crossing an ocean – unbelievable!

We made our way to dinner and back to the hotel to rest up for day two!


The next day, we packed up some stuff and made our way to the beach. We finally found our way to Plymouth beach after getting lost.

It was $15 to park but they had a cool outdoor restaurant (with beer) and bathrooms. The beach also had lifeguards, which is always good.

Here’s the thing, if you’re used to sandy beaches, this is not the place for you. This beach was pretty much ROCKS. Rocks, rocks, rocks – everywhere! Ouch!

And, don’t get me started on the seaweed…yuck. It was everywhere too. Big clumps on the rocks and strings floating in the water (getting stuck on you while you tried to swim). Speaking of the water – it was freezing!!!

Can you guess…my favorite part was…Sandy’s, the restaurant with the beer?

Again, back to the hotel, indoor swimming pool, getting ready for the evening.

That night, we went to dinner and then walked the whole jetty. The jetty was so long but we walked the whole way!

We were all exhausted and had to stop for gourmet cupcakes before ending the evening!


The next morning we were able to leisurely get up, get packed and drive to the Boston airport for our return home.

We had a great time. Again, our favorite was the Plantation!

Have you been to Plymouth?
What was your favorite?


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