Let’s Stay: Hampton Inn, Plymouth

Last week, I mentioned we stopped by Boston on our way to Plymouth. Once we left, we drove directly to our hotel, The Hampton Inn. It was easy to find, even though we missed the turn into the actual hotel.

Not a big deal, the place where the GPS wanted us to turn didn’t seem right. Guess what? It was! After a quick, safe u-turn, we were there.

Now before I go into what we actually did in Plymouth, I wanted to give you the run-down on just the hotel. Here are the pros and cons on the top five hotel offerings.

1. Free Breakfast

Pro: I think the two words above are enough of a pro but if you need more, I have it. The breakfast offers lots of options. They had a different hot option everyday plus oatmeal, cold cereal, muffins, different bread choices, fruit, yogurt, etc. They also had my favorite a make-your-own waffle maker.

Con: It was crowded. The staff did a great job trying to clean-up after people but they were messy. Lots of people wouldn’t throw their trash away, which I think is rude, but that’s me.

2. Room

Pro: The room was very nice. Big enough for the four of us with a large window. It was clean and everything was fine.

Con: Okay, this isn’t a real con against the hotel, just a general con for us. Normally when we travel, we get a suite or two rooms. That way Leah can go to bed at her usual time and we can stay up and watch TV. This was our first time in one room. It was fine. Let’s just say we were able to go to bed nice and early each night.

3. Indoor Swimming Pool

Pro: I’ve mentioned this before but an indoor swimming pool at a hotel has amazing appeal to kids. You hardly need to give them anything else, the pool will make the trip!

Con: The problem is, this is true for all kids. Therefore, if the hotel is crowded and a lot of kids are guests, the pool will be packed. This was true at the Hampton Inn while we were there. It looked more like a sardine can than a swimming pool.

4. Free cookies

Pro: Free cookies. I’m not sure I have to say any more than that. Every night they offer a free cookie for each person.

Con: We only got a cookie on the first night. I think because it was so crowded by the time we returned to the hotel from dinner and our activities the cookies were gone!

5. Nice area

Pro: This hotel is easy find, right off the major routes and close to shopping. There are quite a few chain restaurants you can walk to as well.

Con: The hotel is not close to the center of the Plymouth action. That means if you want to be in that area you have to drive and park (possibly paying). At dinner time, it is c-r-o-w-d-e-d! Give yourself extra time to find a spot.

There you have it – the pros and cons of our hotel in Plymouth.

Let me know if you have questions
about places to stay if you’re going to Plymouth!


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