Let’s Eat: Waterfront, Plymouth, MA

Recently, we were visiting Plymouth, Ma. We were looking for a good place for dinner. After an exhaustive search on the Internet, we decided on Waterfront Bar and Grille.

Here’s the first thing you should know, park in the back – it’s free. There are meters on the street in front of the place but behind is a big, free parking lot. The only downside, you have to walk by the trash area, which is well-covered except for the flies who aren’t fooled by some pretty shrubbery.

We were seated immediately. Awesome. When I heard the name Waterfront, I assumed it was right on the water. No. I mean you can see the water, from a distance – across a street, huge parking area, and another restaurant. Not what I was expecting but a nice place, either way.

My husband got the spinach salad which was fine.

My son got a burger, which he liked. The only problem was the huge wait to get the ketchup! Our waitress walked by us about five times, forgetting it every time. Once he, finally, got the ketchup, it was all good.

My daughter ordered a hot dog but our waitress came back and told her there were no more hot dogs. It seems they’ve been out of hot dogs since the Fourth of July. Okay, no problem…she picked the pasta as second choice. But, just to clarify it’s quite some time after the Fourth of July. I mean run over to the grocery store and pick a few up…or is this a city-wide outage?

I got the clam chowder for all of us to share. It was okay, very thick. I also got the mussels, which came with the beards attached. Yuck. The taste was fine but finding beards on every one was not.

Here’s what I loved:

  • nothing, really 😦

Here’s what I liked:

  • the red sangria
  • the general atmosphere
  • free parking lot

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • the food
  • the service
  • the view

Have you been to the Waterfront?
What did you think?


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