Let’s Eat: Cupcake Charlie’s, Plymouth

Okay, so you know we went to Plymouth. You know we saw some historic places and had a great time. What you don’t know is…I had the BEST cupcake I’ve ever had there!

And, I’m totally not kidding!

One night, after dinner, we stopped at Cupcake Charlie’s. We’d already heard from a few people in Plymouth how good they were. When we walked up to the store, the line was out the door.

Thankfully, we decided to wait. When we finally reached the door, they had a sign saying they were on The Food Network’s show Cupcake Wars. I’m always watching that show! They didn’t win though 😦

We decided to get three cupcakes. My husband didn’t want one. He says he doesn’t eat desserts so he never gets his own but let me warn you…he does eat dessert – usually mine (or whoever he can steal a few bites from)! What he should say is he doesn’t order dessert!

My daughter picked the Funfetti cupcake. My son picked Chocolate Chip Cookie cupcake. I picked the  Chocolate Loves Vanilla cupcake. We got them to go and took them back to the hotel with us.

My cupcake was so good! It was so good, my husband didn’t even get a bite!!! Lucky for him, my daughter didn’t finish all of hers so he did get to taste a bit.

If you are in Plymouth (or Cape Cod or Newport, RI) stop by Cupcake Charlie’s – you will NOT be disappointed.

Where’s your favorite cupcake place?


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