Photo of the Week: Smiles

The three women above are my grandmother, mother, and aunt (left to right). These three women were hardworking and headstrong. They didn’t laugh a lot. Maybe times were different, maybe it was their personalities – I’m not sure.

Here’s one thing I am sure about…there are not many pictures of them all together and even less of all of them smiling while together. That is why I love this picture so much.

They are all together and they are all smiling. If only for a minute, they were all having fun together. I like that image. I wish I’d seen more of it when I was growing up or even in old pictures. Either way, I’m glad I have at least this picture!

It’s also something I’m going to remember when I’m taking pictures. I want my kids to remember me having fun. I don’t want them remembering me worrying about what I’m wearing, how bad my wrinkles look, if I’m smiling too big – the list goes on…

I want them to remember us laughing and loving life. I want them to see that in pictures so when I’m gone, they’ll never forget it. That’s more important. Don’t you think?




2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Smiles

  1. My daughter’s would love this blog. I avoid the camera and that leaves fewer pictures for them. I’m trying to cure myself of that phobia. Thank you for making me think.

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