Travel Without the Kids?

Yes! You should definitely take a trip without your kids. It’s a fantastic thing to do for your relationship with your spouse and your relationship with your kids. Here are my top five reasons you MUST take a trip without your children.

1. Get some rest
First thing to do, get some rest! Without the kids you are able to really relax, really rest. Rejuvenate! You are both going to feel awesome after a good night’s sleep.

2. Talk about the kids
I’ve heard many times when you’re alone with your spouse, you shouldn’t talk about your kids. I disagree. They are a big part of your life, right? Why would you avoid the topic? It’s fun to discuss their good points and their (sometimes) annoying points. You can regroup as a team and decide how to tackle the issues or make things even better than they already are!

3. New experiences – together!
Try new things, together. This is a great time to strengthen your bond. Maybe you go zip lining, maybe snorkeling, maybe it’s just a new drink at the bar. Whatever it is, it’s together. It’s something to talk about when you get home. It’s something to share with your kids (most of the time)!

4. Miss the kids
After a day or two, you will probably miss the kids. If you don’t, it’s okay but it is good to miss them. You need a break from them. You need to remember why you love them so much. You will be amazed at your increased patience level (it might not last forever but it’s a nice start) when you return home.

5. The kids miss you
Yes! It’s true, they will miss you. The hugs and kisses you get when you walk through the door will be amazing. It may be worth the whole trip away from them!

Have you been away without the kids? I’d love to know your favorite couples destination. And, let me know if I’ve missed any reasons you should go away without the little ones.

If you haven’t been away without them yet, when are you planning your trip?



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