Loving Life

How has this week been for you? It’s been pretty good here! Here are the things I’m loving this week:

1. Summer Rain

This week we’ve had a lot of rain storms. I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love the sound of rain. But I really do. I love it. The rain storms this week have been in the morning. I love opening the door and sitting in the doorway. I watch, listen, and smell the rain.

When each of my kids have been small enough, I pull them on my lap and let them enjoy it with me. This week, it was my daughter. Of course, she decided to pull on her rain boots and stand right outside of the doorway, getting wet but enjoying it none-the-less.

2. House Hunters International

I love this show. I love seeing a cool city. I love hearing the people’s stories. And for some strange reason, I can never pick which house they are going to choose but I love trying.

3. Sleeping

Sleeping is so cool. It completely rejuvenates your body. It makes you feel great. It’s just amazing. I could do it anywhere, almost any time. I think it drives my husband crazy but I also think it’s going to help me live a really long, long time! Sleep is awesome and I love it.

What are you loving this week?



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