Take Advantage of These Things

We visited the Academy of Natural Sciences earlier in the summer. We liked it so much, we recently went again. We enjoyed it even more the second time, which could be attributed to us knowing more of what to do and where to go.

Guess what? I’m going to fill you in on the top five things to take advantage of on your visit (I’m assuming you ARE going at some point!).

1. The Shows

Check the schedule of show times when you purchase your tickets. Sometimes there is only one show so you’ll want to schedule your time accordingly. You don’t need to get to the auditorium too far in advance. There’s always a good seat open.

The speaker will bring out two different animals. Real animals. That poop and pee. This is where the crowd goes crazy! Really though, the shows are informative and fun.

2. Your Time

Don’t race through, especially through the animal displays. Beside the big animals, there are many small animals too. It’s fun to find those too.

Warning, some of the displays are a bit graphic. The one with the polar bear holding a seal down with his paw was a bit much. I tried pushing Leah quickly past but she was determined to see it. I was relieved when she said, “Look, how cute. The mommy is holding her baby.”

Okay, so she can’t tell the difference between an adult seal and a baby polar bear but at least I didn’t have to explain the circle of life – yet.

3. Touching

You must go to the top floor and check out Outside In. They have so many live critters to actual touch, it’s amazing, turtles, rabbits, cock roaches, and more! Plus there are skins, furs, shells, and other animals too. You and your kids will love it!

4. Digging

They have a cool area where you can dig for fossils while wearing goggles and using a real scraper tool. It won’t be too much fun for you but your kids might spend quite a while there. Don’t worry, they have benches for your sitting pleasure.

5. The Discounts

This year the museum celebrates 200 years. In honor of this milestone event, the Academy is offering 2-for 1 general admission on the 21st of every month through March 21, 2013. What? Yep, that’s right! That’s a huge incentive, right there!

Bonus Tip
That’s right, a bonus tip! Let’s say you’re in line to purchase your tickets and there are a lot of people in front of you. Now you’re thinking, it’s going to be so crowded, we’ll never see anything.

But wait…not so. Once you purchase your tickets, go straight. Don’t go to the right. It’s enticing. There are lots of fossils to see but everyone goes that way. Too crowded. Go straight and keep going.

You’ll hit the butterfly area. Fun and probably not as crowded!

So, now you’re ready.
Let me know how your visit goes!



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