Photo of the Week: Plymouth

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our trip to Plymouth. Read all about it here! I wanted to go to Plymouth because when I was younger, my family took a road trip through New England and we stopped there. We saw Plymouth Rock and went to Plimouth Plantation.

Now, I’m a bit dorky and was even more dorky back then but I loved visiting Plimouth Plantation. I loved the people pretending to be from the time of the Pilgrims. No matter what you asked them, they stayed in character. I thought it was so cool and really interesting.

When I just recently found this picture of my grandmother going into one of the Pilgrim houses on Plimouth Plantation, I had to share it! I wish I could find some other pictures of the trip. I know there were more but when I was little parents didn’t keep scrapbooks (at least mine didn’t) so all I’ve got is random photos that have mostly gotten lost over the years.

I still think it’s cool that I have one picture of evidence we went and that I’ve gotten to revisit the Plantation again – and, it was just as cool as I remembered it!


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