A Parasailing Adventure

When I was growing up, my grandparents loved to travel. Now you know where I get it! They couldn’t do it often but when they did, it was an event. I can remember brochures and catalogues with beautiful pictures of far-away places. They spent a lot of time deciding where to go and what to do. I loved every minute of it even if I wasn’t going on the actual trip.

As the time drew closer for them to leave, we’d go up in the attic and pull out their yellow hard-shelled suitcases. I loved those suitcases – they smelled wonderful, like unknown worlds of limitless possibilities. I scoured the Internet looking for an image of one and guess what? I found one! The Internet is amazing! Thank you Recultivation.

Aren’t they beautiful?

One of their trips was to Mexico. They packed their things in those suitcases, kissed us all goodbye, hopped on the airport shuttle, and were whisked away to their tropical destination.

When they returned I couldn’t wait to hear all the details of their trip. Their big story was about their parasailing adventure. My grandmother didn’t go but my adventurous grandfather couldn’t refuse – so off he went.

Here he his all rigged up and heading up toward the skies!

Remember this was back in the ’70s before adventure sports were household words and seen on multiple TV channels on a daily basis. It was a big deal. Luckily, my grandmother caught it on film because…it was a short-lived ride.

Everything was going great until they lost the wind, which funny enough is  essential for parasailing. My grandfather dropped like a stone.

Unfortunately, he was wearing some type of weird shoes. This was again, before Nikes were the norm and don’t ask me why he didn’t go barefoot. It seems when the shoes got wet, they turned to two blocks of cement. When he dropped into the water, the shoes dragged him under and he couldn’t get his head above water!

People started swimming out to save him. They pulled him onto the beach coughing up water. My grandmother was going crazy. They rushed him off the beach for medical attention. It was mayhem! Thankfully, he was fine.

But guess what? The story doesn’t end there.

In the panic, my grandmother had left their belongings on the beach, including my grandfather’s wallet. Yep, all their stuff gone.

They were devastated but happy he was alive. As they walked back into their hotel, the front desk clerked stopped them. All their stuff was returned! It seems one of the parasailing guys gathered their things and brought them to the hotel.

Isn’t that awesome! They were so happy.

The world is a wonderful place – just waiting to be explored!



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