Kids Love The Please Touch Museum

Leah and I recently ventured to the Please Touch Museum. We’d been before and Leah had a great time so another visit was in our future!

We found a great parking space and as we got out of the car, Leah said, “I am not going on the merry-go-round today.”

I was shocked! Leah loves merry-go-rounds. A-L-W-A-Y-S. This is like another kid saying “I hate Disney” or “I’m never watching TV again.” Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling good about this trip. But onward…

The Please Touch Museum is beautiful. It’s located in a building built in 1876. It was originally called Memorial Hall and was an art gallery for the 1876 Centennial Exposition. Throughout the museum, you’ll find information on its history – so keep on the look out!

After giving our tickets, we made a dash to the duck pond. Leah loves the duck pond, so the fact that she wanted to play there immediately began to restore my good feelings. She didn’t stay long though – I think she’s getting a little old for the sheer joy of the duck pond.

We moved onto the music area and down Alice In Wonderland’s rabbit hole. We stopped by the Pirate puppet show, which was cute. Then to the little town center.

Leah could spend forever in the little town. She loved the grocery store and thankfully wanted to put all the food back. She made me a sandwich at the pretend McDonald’s. She worked forever sending the building blocks up the conveyor belt in the construction area. And probably her favorite, played doctor with the little babies in the hospital.

Finally, I convinced her to stop for lunch. We had a few slices of pizza at the cafe upstairs, which I found pretty reasonable for museum cafe prices.

We then made our way to the transportation area. Again, more fun. I was pretty good about not pushing her along too quickly. I tried to let her take her time through each activity. Here’s a riddle:

Question: How long can one child spend looking at six cars go around a circle through a pretend car wash?

Answer: Who knows but at least 20 minutes when her mother runs out of things to discuss about the car wash and forces her to the next thing!

We stopped at the gift shop on our way out. They have some great stuff in there. I mean it’s pretty expensive but still fun. I let Leah get a little yellow duck and we were on our way home.

She never mentioned the merry-go-round and it didn’t seem to matter. She had a great time with all the other things to do there!

Have you been to Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum?
What did you think?
Where’s your favorite children’s museum?



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