Now That You Have an E-Reader, Here’s What to Do With Your Newspaper

Somewhere, somehow I’d seen the art of making beads from newspaper. Once the beads are complete, you can make a necklace or bracelet or whatever! Check these out:

From Recycle, Eh

From Mia Cronan at Kaboose

Totally awesome, right? Of course, I thought, “What a great craft idea for Leah and me.” So, off I went to find some newspaper in our recycle can, the glue, a small stick, and yarn.

We were ready to go. I made a practice one to figure out how big to cut the newspaper. Then I drew lines on the paper for Leah to cut.

Then I put glue on the paper and started to twirl it around the stick (which by the way was a glow stick bracelet…with the glow no longer glowing).

I made a bunch while Leah measured the yarn length for her neck and cut it all by herself (and cut up a bunch of the newspaper into small pieces, which I should have saved for confetti for New Year’s Eve).

Oh, also while I was finishing making the beads, she proceeded to take about 400 pictures (and a video). Here’s two of her top shots:

It didn’t take long before we were done her necklace!

Awesome! Awesome, if I wanted to do the project. This is not really a project for a four year-old. Oh, what – you looked at the directions from Kaboose and it suggests this project for five and up…interesting. Well, they’re right!

Guess what else? After I took a few pictures of her with the necklace, she took it off and immediately forgot it! Awesome! No, I’m not being sarcastic at all.

I do, however, still think this is cool. What a cheap way to get some great looking jewelry while feeling good about saving the planet!

Are you going to try it with your kids or just by yourself?
I’d love to hear your results! 



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