Hilton Head, The Best Family Vacation

My in-laws have a time-share on Hilton Head Island. They’ve had it for probably 30 years. It’s located in the Sea Pines community. I’ve gone with them for the past three years and it’s always fun.

I think it’s the ultimate family vacation. In my mind, growing up in the 50s was the ultimate family experience. I don’t know why. Maybe too much Happy Days when I was young.

I have the picture of mom in her pretty dress, hair all done (no yoga pants back then), the kids clean and looking spiffy with Lassie by their side, waiting for dad to get out of his Chevy blue convertible – everyone happy because mom’s made a delicious homemade dinner with dessert (yep, no take out going on here).

This is what Hilton Head feels like to me. There’s no glitzy boardwalk or over crowded beaches. It’s laid back with quintessential family activities. You wake up, have breakfast, go for a bike ride,

play tennis,

stop by the shopping area for a quick bite of lunch then back to the house to get your suit on and out to the beach. Don’t forget to bring the kite…how cute is a grandfather teaching his granddaughter to fly a kite?

And, don’t forget the frisbee,

home for showers, off to the bay-side for a quick cocktail and some music, and then onto a nice dinner. You’re home in time to play a few hands of cards and then off to bed…it’s tiring having so much rest and relaxation.

We’ve been to a lot of beach areas throughout the world. Hilton Head though, is a treasure offering a glimpse into the past – life before everything had to be bigger and better. When it was just about spending time with your family.

Where would you pick as the BEST FAMILY vacation spot?



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