How to Spend 48 Hours in Nashville, TN


That’s right, it was time for a Girl’s Trip! And, where do three cool chicks pick?

Nashville, of course.

Okay, not really “of course.” There is only one of who really likes country music but the others are adventurous so off to Nashville we went! After 48 hours in Music City, here’s what you should do!

1. Get an early flight

There’s music all day so you don’t have to wait for things to start – they’re started.

2. Stay downtown

You can walk to a lot of cool places so will save on transportation costs.

3. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

I was one of the people not too into country music so my expectations were low for this stop. But…it was awesome. The Country Music Hall of Fame is set up in a beautiful way. They give a great look into the history of country music. You can actually listen to different types of music in a really personal way with these funnel/shell pods. And, the Patsy Cline exhibit is small but cool. It’s now on my Top Five Best Museums list (I can’t believe it either).

3. Visit Jack’s Bar-B-Q

It is mostly tourists but so are all the spots on the Broadway, the main strip. The cook behind the counter at Jack’s Bar-B-Que is fun and has something to say to everyone. It’s paper towels and plastic but the food is good. Try the mac-and-cheese, skip the cornbread.

4. Check out a Spa

It wouldn’t be a girl’s trip without a spa visit. We tried Adagio and LOVED it. You get a glass of wine prior to your service and a delicious dessert after. Okay, those two things might not be spa related but it made the facials and massages even better. Don’t let the outside of the building fool you.

5. Walk by the water front area

They have done a great job making this area beautiful. We were there on a Saturday morning and it wasn’t crowded at all. I’m not sure where all the locals were but if I lived here, I’d be visiting the waterfront area. Don’t forget to stop by Fort Nashborough, it’s secretly tucked away.

6. Browse the Bars on Broadway

There are tons of places to stop on Broadway. Take your pick. We tried a few 🙂 Our favorite, The Neon Cowboy offered free chips and salsa and great acoustic music. We also loved The Swinging Door.

Go day or night but at night, it’s like NYC or Vegas. Honestly, I’ve been to all three and Nashville, by far, had the most bachelorette parties!


So, there are six things to do during your 48 hours in Nashville.

Here are some other cool ideas. We didn’t do these but I’d love to go back and check these out.

1. Little Athens

That’s another nickname for Nashville. They’ve got a mini Parthenon and Athena statue, all around Centennial Park.

2. Opryland

Weird that we’d miss this one, huh? But, we were in the downtown area and Opryland isn’t too close so we opted to miss this icon.

3. The Gulch

The up and coming area is The Gulch. There seem to be a ton of great restaurants here.

4. Loveless Cafe

Again, an icon but too far from our downtown, walking area.

5. Printer’s Alley

This area is downtown and we did walk through it but it was during the day. Let me tell you what’s going on there during the day — not a thing! I’d like to go back and just check it out at night. We were having so much fun on Broadway, we never got back there.

6. Pedal Tavern

Can you tell what this is? You drink beer and pedal around touring the city. It looked like SO much fun!!

Have you been to Nashville?
What do you think about my picks?


My next Nashville post will let you know what to skip when visiting!
And, don’t forget to check out where we stayed…The Hampton Inn Downtown.


2 thoughts on “How to Spend 48 Hours in Nashville, TN

  1. Nashville looks like so much fun. Sadly, I haven’t been there yet, even though I do consider myself a fan of country music. Well, modern country anyways. Isn’t Dollywood around there somewhere too? Or is that gone now?

    • Still open but think it’s about 3 hours away from Nashville…not something we were considering during our 48 hour stay. Although I do like Dolly and she was represented at the CM Hall of Fame 🙂

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