Remember Johnny Appleseed?

Remember learning about Johnny Appleseed? Walking around barefoot, planting apple seeds to grow all those apple trees throughout the US. What a guy!

In his honor, we went apple picking this year. Apple picking is cool because, it’s easy! And, you get to eat the fruit of your labor. Wait until you get home though, you still want to wash those apples before you eat them!

We went to Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford NJ, which has got “fall fun” down to a science. If you’re in the area, you definitely should check it out. It’s not free but it is a good time for everyone. Here’s a few pictures from our adventure.

Have you been apple picking this year? 



3 thoughts on “Remember Johnny Appleseed?

  1. I remember when this place was alot smaller and cheaper, ofcourse that was a long time ago.While it’s a cute and nice looking farm, the prices are insane.4 dollars for a hot dog.4 dollars to pet AND look at animals.8 dollars for pumpkin bread.I could literally go on and on. The only thing worth getting is the apple cider donuts. Delicious. Other than that, I’ll drive on down to Conte’s farm to apple picking instead.

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