Grounds for Sculpture IS for ALL ages

Have you heard of Grounds for Sculpture? It’s one of my in-laws favorite places to take people from out-of-town. We’re not from out-of-town so they hadn’t asked us…

I’m kidding, of course! They had asked us to go a number of times but it never fit into our schedule…until now! We planned to meet them there and arrived within minutes of each other, which is a fantastic omen of a good trip!

Grounds for Sculpture is exactly what it sounds like it is, a huge area filled with all different sculptures. I was concerned taking my daughter there. She only just turned four and I wasn’t sure she was going to appreciate the artistic endeavor of sculpture.

Guess what? I underestimated her artistic eye. She had a great time. We all did.

There is so much to see there (see the eyes of the sculptures between the trees?).

Leah loved these dancer sculptures.

But, these indoor sculptures were her favorites!

If you go, be sure to check throughout the trees. There are tons of hidden sculptures. And things that look real but aren’t (hint: the whole table scape below if a sculpture).

My favorite area was the water gardens.

And here’s my favorite sculpture. I don’t know why I like it so much. Maybe its simplicity? What do you think?

And, here’s my favorite picture of the day!

Just had to throw that one in 🙂

Have you been to Grounds for Sculpture?
What did you think?


8 thoughts on “Grounds for Sculpture IS for ALL ages

  1. I’m totally inspired to go there! Between your post today and my friend Amoni’s recent photos (she’s a photographer), it looks like an amazing place! Can you picnic there?

  2. The dancer sculpture is awesome, although that opinion is probably largely based on how cute your daughter looks in it. The eyes through the woods are kind of creepy though.

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