Traveling Can Be Annoying

You may have noticed, I’ve been posting my annoyed and loving columns for about seven months. I can’t decide which I like writing better. I feel so happy when I write the loving post and when a lot of people like it.

When I write the annoyed post, I feel more anxious but validated, especially when people like it, comment on it, or best yet, add their own annoyances (which I always identify with).

So, while we are on the topic of being annoyed, here’s my top three for the week:

1. Neck Pillows

First, I find neck pillows generally annoying. I can’t believe so many people work so hard to keep their neck straight for a flight (even a short flight). However, I am totally willing to overlook that. To each his own and hey, maybe you have terrible neck pain…I’m not a jerk.

What I find beyond annoying is people who wear their neck pillow around the airport. What are you doing? Don’t even try, sleep walking – not funny. These people look ridiculous. On my last trip, I stopped at a restroom, after I washed my hands I checked myself out in the full-length mirror.

A young girl was doing the same thing. She was wearing a neck pillow. She was staring at herself in the mirror, making sure she looked okay WHILE WEARING A NECK PILLOW. Needless to say, she didn’t take it off. Walked right out of the restroom thinking she looked great.

Did I mention she was still WEARING THE NECK PILLOW!! Come on, people – that’s annoying.

2. Bad Bathroom Hooks

Speaking of being in a public bathroom, I hate when I need to hang my bag and the bathroom hook is falling off or worse yet, not there! This should be part of routine maintenance.

Your purse or any bag should not be put on the floor of the bathroom. We need good bathroom hooks. Not having them is just…annoying. 

3. Rushing to Board

So, we’re all waiting to board the plane. We all want to get on, get to our seat, and get going. Yep, we all have the same goal in mind. Almost every airline boards certain people, areas, zones, etc. first…”almost every” would make that the majority.

I’m pretty sure all people boarding know this. And guess what, if they don’t, the airline person boarding the flight tells them…every time.

Why then does every person on the flight have to make a mad rush for the gate as soon as they get whiff of the airplane through the just opened jetway door?

Tons of people cramming up to board when they know they just have to wait. And, it just makes it harder for other people (whose turn it is) to get past them. Believe me, you are going to get on the plane. Nobody is leaving you behind. Now, MOVE BACK people, you’re annoying!

All travel-related. What can we do? Wait, I know…

Tell me, what’s annoying you?



What’s Eating You…

Do you remember that movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? It starred Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. I love that movie.


We are not here to talk about loving things. No! We’re here to discuss what’s annoying. And, here are my top three:

1. Survey Says

I hate when I visit a site and I’m there for all of 10 seconds and they want me to do a survey on my experience. I just got to your site! I haven’t had an experience yet!! Give me at least a minute, will ya’? At least let me click to another page.

When I encounter this, not only do I not answer the survey questions, I normally leave the site entirely. How’s that for an experience? You’ve lost me completely! Your welcome for my feedback.

2. Poor Phone Service

It’s the end of the summer (just about – I’m hanging onto it by a thread). Our grill has been gasping its last breath for a few months but we’ve been holding off for the grills to go on sale. We finally decided, this is it – new grill time. We knew exactly what we wanted (we’d had a few months to look things over) and we went to Home Depot to get it.

We wanted a grill that was pre-assembled since the biggest compliant in the online reviews for any grill was putting it together. The guy who helped us was awesome. He helped us measure and then told us there were no pre-assembled grills of the one we wanted but they can put it together free of charge. We’re in!

The woman who rung up the sale was also awesome. She made sure the boxed grill was in the right place so it could be put together. It would take a couple of days so we happily left the store.

When I hadn’t received a call by Friday (we purchased it on Sunday), I called them. They transferred me three times and none of the people I spoke to were nice. Finally, a woman said, “Yeah, it’s ready.” And, that was it.

We hoped to pick it up that afternoon but time slipped away. We were leaving on a trip for a few days so figured we’d just pick it up when we returned. It didn’t seem to be bothering them since they never even called me about it, right? Wrong!

Sunday while I was on vacation, they left me a nasty message asking me to call back and tell them when I was going to get it. I called back and the woman was so completely rude. I advised her I was out-of-town and would pick it up on Wednesday. She said, “Fine. I’ll tell them because it’s just sitting here in the way!”

What-ever. You didn’t even call me to tell me it was ready!!! Annoying!!!!

3. Bites

I’m tired of the mosquitos this year. I normally don’t get bit but these buggers are relentless. And, they won’t go away. Right now, we have a teeny, tiny variety that are just as vicious as the bigger ones and even more annoying than them!

Tell me your annoyances so I don’t feel alone in my griping!


Feeling Annoyed Today?

I am…

Here are the top three things that have annoyed me this past week. Feel free to vent your annoyances in the comment section – that doesn’t annoy me.

1. Fast – Not

The other day I’m waiting at a light that has two lanes to go straight. But, it’s one of those where the right lane ends quickly once you cross over the intersection. I was the second car in the left lane and a motorcycle came up in the right lane.

It wasn’t a “real” motorcycle, it was a dinky, old motorcycle. Of course, he goes straight and then immediately puts his blinker on to get in my lane (at least he used his blinker, right?). I let him in front of me, not a problem.

Then not only does he leave his blinker on while he’s in front of me, he also goes s-u-p-e-r slow. I don’t get why someone like this has to pass as many people as possible to just go slow! It’s annoying AND turn off your blinker!!!

2. Spellingz – Not

Okay, this is a small one but it annoys me when businesses spell the name of their company wrong; like Kapital Kommunications or Kids Kare. It is especially annoying when it’s a kids things, which is so easy to do because of the “k” but that to me is the worst. Then I worry all the kids who go there might think that’s the way you spell the word. It just annoyzzzz me!

3. Verbs – Not

Speaking of words, the use of the word “funner” and “funnest” annoys me. I don’t feel like these are real words. Although they are becoming common place and will probably be added to the dictionary (if they aren’t already). To me, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. What’s next “gooder” and “goodest”? Please, please, please, no!

That’s it – my annoying things of the week.

What’s on your list?



These Things Annoy Me

Oh yeah, it’s time to rant about what’s annoying me. Here’s my top three of the week:

1. Up My Butt

I consider myself a pretty good driver. Sometimes, I may have a lot on my mind and I may not be concentrating 100% on the ride. The guy behind me may get annoyed and want me to change lanes. No problem. I get it – I’m out.

But, dude, give me a minute. I got you. I’ve got my blinker on. I’m trying to get over. I’m trying to get you on your way. You don’t have to drive on my bumper. Now, you’re just out to annoy me. Well played.

2. Coupons

Yes, I hate coupons. They completely annoy me. I normally don’t bother with them at all…gasp! The whole coupon process is ridiculous. My husband on the other hand loves coupons. He loves to cut them out and he really uses them!

Unfortunately, he rarely does the shopping. Although, if he did, we would totally be on Extreme Couponing. You know, where they buy $1,000 worth of stuff for $1. That would be us.

But, it’s up to me. Even with him cutting them out for me, I still can’t make it work. I usually just forget to even bring them. When I do remember, I hate trying to figure out if the brand with the coupon is cheaper than the brand without the coupon. Oh, and how about when you have to buy multiple things to get the deal. Then after I go to all the trouble, I realize the coupon is expired! AAHHHH!!!!

I just don’t have it in me. Coupons are annoying, without a doubt!

3. Camp Drop-off / Pick-up

My daughter goes to summer camp. The parking lot is a mad house. I’m used to this but lately, it’s out of hand. There are lines of cars trying to find a space. I’m actually thinking of leaving like 15 minutes early just to be able to get a spot. What’s going on? I’m not sure. But it is making me CRAZY annoyed!

Do you find these things annoying?
What’s annoying you? I really want to know!

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Get Mad, Then Get Over It

Let’s not sugar coat it, I’m annoyed. Here’s my top three:

1. Front Loaders

I have a front loading washing machine. I should be thrilled, right? Wrong. I’m not. I hate it. I know lots of people love their front loaders but I don’t. I really do hate it.

First, I hate how difficult it is to move my laundry from the washer to dryer.

Second, I hate that once it starts I can’t throw in one extra piece of clothing that I missed before I started the load.

Third, I hate that I can’t soak clothes.

And finally, I hate that it smells. And, don’t tell me Tide has this product that you can use to make it smell better. I don’t want to hear that. It’s a washing machine. It constantly has soap in it – why should it smell? I have to keep the door open all the time and even that doesn’t always work!!!

I hate that thing…it annoys me every time I walk into that laundry room!!!

2. Go around

This one has to do with something I’m annoyed with often, driving. So, the other day I’m driving and there are two cars in front of me. The first car is turning right into a store. They are semi in the shoulder (something I’ve been annoyed with in the past, just get in the shoulder and turn) but this time, I’m annoyed about the person right in front of me – who just has to go around the first guy.

But do they? No! They wait and wait. Just go around them already!! I’m sitting there just hanging out waiting for the first guy to s-l-o-w-l-y turn so the second guy can mooove forward, already! I’m annoyed!!

3. Thank You

Saying thank you is just a common courtesy. I wish people were more generous with saying thank you. It’s not that hard, really. If someone holds the door for you, say thank you. If someone acknowledges you online, it’s not hard to give a quick thanks. How about someone who helps you out in any way – give it up – it’s only a thank you and it means a lot. At least to me, it does.

What’s making you mad this week?

Get mad, then get over it.  ~Colin Powell

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Annoyed, Again?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I wasn’t annoyed? Well, that didn’t last too long. 😉 I’m annoyed this week and here’s what’s annoying me…

1. Down not Up

It really irritates me (yes, beyond annoyed – don’t worry, I’m not starting a new weekly post on what irritates me too) when parents let their kids go up the slide. Why? Why? Why? Why is this appropriate?

There are kids coming down the slide – like they are supposed to be doing. But, they can’t because some kid is climbing UP the slide. Some parents might say, “Hey, a foot in the face is fine.” But, I’m not like that. I don’t want my kid’s foot in your kid’s face. I’m not letting my kid kick your kid, even if it’s your fault.

And, I get really annoyed when I ask the kid (nicely) to move over and they look at me like I have four heads. And I get even more annoyed when the parent is standing right there, and won’t say a word!! Come on, it’s just not right.

2. One Bad Apple

Don’t you hate when you buy fruit, and get it home, and it’s terrible? This is the summer season when fruits and veggies abound. But, I hate when I bring home some super red and juicy looking tomatoes that are complete mush when I cut them open. Or when I buy some awesome looking grapes that are totally bitter.

Oh, or how about the mangos I bought after carefully picking through the pile only to get them home and find them hard as rocks and white as snow – so disappointing! I know some people take it back but I never have. Have you? What happened?

Here’s what happens with me – I’m annoyed.

3. Weeds

A while back, we bought a bunch of mulch and weed blocker. We went through all our plant beds and put down the weed block and the mulch.

Guess how long it took us…A LONG TIME!

It looked awesome for about three days. Then it looked great for a few weeks. Then it just looked okay. Now, guess what, I have weeds! Again!

Come on, weeds, get out of here. You are SO annoying!!

There you have it, my top three of the week! Fill me in about you.

What’s annoying you??

Annoying Not…

It’s that time again when I tell you what has been annoying me this week. I know you are excited!

But, guess what…I’m not annoyed!

You probably can’t believe it, right? Well, it’s true. If you read yesterday’s post then you know it’s my birthday. Well, it was my birthday yesterday but I’m one of those people who believes in celebrating your birthday for a whole week – I mean, one day is just not enough.

And, this has been a great week! Something cool happened to me earlier in the week, which I’ll be sharing soon (don’t get too excited), I had a great sushi lunch with my kids, I had a delicious cuban lunch with my mother-in-law, dinner at a James Beard nominee place I’ve been dying to go to, and tonight a big birthday dinner too.

Tomorrow we have a graduation party and then it’s Father’s Day – celebrations all over the place! How could I be annoyed with so much fun going on?

Sure, I could be annoyed with getting older but I’m not letting that get to me – not when there is so much good food to eat, great wine to drink, awesome friends to celebrate, and my beautiful family through it all!

But, I’ll see you in two weeks – we’ll see how I’m feeling then…

Are you annoyed this week?