My Favorite Zoo Is…

There is usually a zoo in every large city. When I travel to new cities though, going to a zoo is usually last on my last. I just don’t love zoos. I feel almost un-American saying something like that…who doesn’t love zoos?

Here’s why I don’t love them:

  • on the expensive side
  • hard to see the animals (they’re so far away, I need a big screen, like in a stadium)
  • animals aren’t always available to see (usually whatever one I want to see)
  • smells badly
  • have to walk long distances (usually with kids who are too tired to walk but don’t want to sit in a stroller because they’ll miss the animals)
  • the extras (merry-go-round, feeding animals, riding camels – why isn’t that stuff included!)

However, my favorite zoo is Cape May Zoo.

Here’s what I love it:

  • it’s free (they only ask for a donation)
  • the animals are very close
  • it’s not too big

Side Note: Yes, it still smells and they do have “extras” but those are outside the zoo so you can avoid them more easily, if you like.

On our last visit, I didn’t take many pictures but here are a few:

And, here is the best thing we saw there:

It’s a caterpillar. Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve seen? It was walking across a pathway garnering tons of attention. Almost as much as the tiger whose cage was close by to where he was inching along. All right, I know it’s not really a part of the zoo but I’ve never seen it at another zoo, so there!

Where is your favorite zoo?
Why do you love it?

In case you’re wondering, my second favorite zoo is the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, in Colorado Springs. We went a long, long time ago. Here’s a few pictures from that trip 🙂