Feeling Annoyed Today?

I am…

Here are the top three things that have annoyed me this past week. Feel free to vent your annoyances in the comment section – that doesn’t annoy me.

1. Fast – Not

The other day I’m waiting at a light that has two lanes to go straight. But, it’s one of those where the right lane ends quickly once you cross over the intersection. I was the second car in the left lane and a motorcycle came up in the right lane.

It wasn’t a “real” motorcycle, it was a dinky, old motorcycle. Of course, he goes straight and then immediately puts his blinker on to get in my lane (at least he used his blinker, right?). I let him in front of me, not a problem.

Then not only does he leave his blinker on while he’s in front of me, he also goes s-u-p-e-r slow. I don’t get why someone like this has to pass as many people as possible to just go slow! It’s annoying AND turn off your blinker!!!

2. Spellingz – Not

Okay, this is a small one but it annoys me when businesses spell the name of their company wrong; like Kapital Kommunications or Kids Kare. It is especially annoying when it’s a kids things, which is so easy to do because of the “k” but that to me is the worst. Then I worry all the kids who go there might think that’s the way you spell the word. It just annoyzzzz me!

3. Verbs – Not

Speaking of words, the use of the word “funner” and “funnest” annoys me. I don’t feel like these are real words. Although they are becoming common place and will probably be added to the dictionary (if they aren’t already). To me, it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. What’s next “gooder” and “goodest”? Please, please, please, no!

That’s it – my annoying things of the week.

What’s on your list?