What’s Eating You…

Do you remember that movie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? It starred Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. I love that movie.


We are not here to talk about loving things. No! We’re here to discuss what’s annoying. And, here are my top three:

1. Survey Says

I hate when I visit a site and I’m there for all of 10 seconds and they want me to do a survey on my experience. I just got to your site! I haven’t had an experience yet!! Give me at least a minute, will ya’? At least let me click to another page.

When I encounter this, not only do I not answer the survey questions, I normally leave the site entirely. How’s that for an experience? You’ve lost me completely! Your welcome for my feedback.

2. Poor Phone Service

It’s the end of the summer (just about – I’m hanging onto it by a thread). Our grill has been gasping its last breath for a few months but we’ve been holding off for the grills to go on sale. We finally decided, this is it – new grill time. We knew exactly what we wanted (we’d had a few months to look things over) and we went to Home Depot to get it.

We wanted a grill that was pre-assembled since the biggest compliant in the online reviews for any grill was putting it together. The guy who helped us was awesome. He helped us measure and then told us there were no pre-assembled grills of the one we wanted but they can put it together free of charge. We’re in!

The woman who rung up the sale was also awesome. She made sure the boxed grill was in the right place so it could be put together. It would take a couple of days so we happily left the store.

When I hadn’t received a call by Friday (we purchased it on Sunday), I called them. They transferred me three times and none of the people I spoke to were nice. Finally, a woman said, “Yeah, it’s ready.” And, that was it.

We hoped to pick it up that afternoon but time slipped away. We were leaving on a trip for a few days so figured we’d just pick it up when we returned. It didn’t seem to be bothering them since they never even called me about it, right? Wrong!

Sunday while I was on vacation, they left me a nasty message asking me to call back and tell them when I was going to get it. I called back and the woman was so completely rude. I advised her I was out-of-town and would pick it up on Wednesday. She said, “Fine. I’ll tell them because it’s just sitting here in the way!”

What-ever. You didn’t even call me to tell me it was ready!!! Annoying!!!!

3. Bites

I’m tired of the mosquitos this year. I normally don’t get bit but these buggers are relentless. And, they won’t go away. Right now, we have a teeny, tiny variety that are just as vicious as the bigger ones and even more annoying than them!

Tell me your annoyances so I don’t feel alone in my griping!