Let’s Stay and Eat: Sheraton and District, Phoenix, AZ

We were only in Phoenix for one night. We needed to stay downtown. We choose Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. Sheraton is a good brand so we knew it would be fine.

We also needed to have dinner and we wanted something on the nicer side. After some research on my own and help from Visit Phoenix. I kept coming to District, which was conveniently located at the Sheraton.

Total win!

The Sheraton is not only nice, it’s beautiful. The outside entrance and lobby are grand but not over-done. Modern without being pretentious. The staff who greeted and checked us in were friendly and warm.

The room was just as you might expect. Clean. Done nicely. Nothing to extreme.

It was Happy Hour so we headed to the bar at District. This is a happening scene. We waited a minute to get two seats at the bar. At first, it seemed the servers weren’t very helpful but the nicest bartender greeted us and got our drinks quickly. She then offered us a (free) appetizer…Singh Farm Honey Wings with Pickled Jalapeno and Cilantro Lime Salt. Delicious. Cilantro Lime Salt is awesome!

We also got the Schreiner’s Bacon Wrapped Dates and the Hummus appetizers. We didn’t love the dates but I must say the bartender described it perfectly. She was friendly, warm, quick, and knowledge.

The repeat business there is amazing too. How do I know? Well, all the bartenders knew many of the patrons on a first name basis. I think that’s a testament to how cool of a place it is.

Unfortunately, we enjoyed it so much we stayed at the bar longer than anticipated and couldn’t stay long enough to have a full dinner. But, I would go back there in a heart beat, for the food, for the drink, and especially for the friendly service.

Here’s what I loved:

Here’s what I liked:

  • The food
  • The drinks
  • The room

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • Nothing 🙂

Will you or have you tried either of these places?
What did you think?



Where There Is Love There Is Life

It’s all love this week! What’s not to love when the week includes a holiday with fireworks (even if it fell in the middle of the week). Here’s my top three of the week:

1. Fireworks

Have I mentioned previously that I love fireworks? I think I may have. But, since it really only comes once a year – let me say again, I LOVE fireworks. I know you’ll think I’m corny when I tell you this – but at the end, when all the fireworks are going off at once and the sky is just lit up…I tear up…ssh, don’t tell anyone else.

2. Beach

We were able to visit the beach for the first time this summer. It was fantastic. I love going to the beach. I absolutely love the ocean. Isn’t it amazing that no matter what happens in your life or mine, the ocean just keeps rolling in and out. When you think your life is crazy, just remember, the ocean waves are still going. You can always count on that!

3. Happy Hour

I love Happy Hour. It doesn’t have to be at a bar. It doesn’t have to include fancy drinks. It doesn’t even have to include discounted drinks (although I love that). It does have to include relaxing, family and/or friends, and good drinks (can even be nonalcoholic if you’re into that).

What I love is the feeling of releasing all the tensions of the day, unwinding with good conversation, and lots of laughs. And, I love that a cold beer or nice glass of wine is involved.

It’s even better when it’s on a Friday…so enjoy Happy Hour this evening. I’ll be raising a glass with you…Cheers to the Weekend!

What are you loving this week?
What are you drinking during Happy Hour tonight?

Where there is love there is life. – Mahatma Gandhi