Love Makes the World Go Round

The world is such a wonderful place and a loving heart can make it beyond beautiful. Here  are just three things giving me a loving heart this week:

1. Thistle Farms

While we were in Nashville, we visited the Adagio Spa. In the bathrooms of the spa, they used Thistle Farms products. They were wonderful.

And here’s the best part. The products are produced through Magdalene. Magdalene is a residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets. By hand, these women create natural bath and body products that are as good for the earth as they are for the body. Purchases of Thistle Farms products directly benefit the women by whom they were made.

I wanted to take some home but with security, the sizes were too large. Luckily, they have online shopping! You must check this out. You’re getting a great product while helping an unbelievably brilliant cause.

2. Wegmans

Not as profound as my first one, but I do love Wegmans. It’s such an amazing grocery store. They always have everything I need. The food is fresh, the store is clean, and the employees are nice. Now, if I could only get a better parking space 🙂

3. Dyson Blade Hand Dryers

This one is really on the other spectrum of my first loving topic but I do love these. These hand dryers are awesome. They dry your hands quickly without dripping water all over everything.

Don’t you hate when you use a hand dryer that is higher than your elbows and then you drip water down your arms. Who thought of putting the dryer up so high? My only guess is someone who doesn’t wash their hands after using the restroom.

Of course, I also love it because it uses less paper and keeps public bathrooms looking tidy. What’s not to love?

Aren’t these three…beyond beautiful?

What are you loving this week?


Loving Life

How has this week been for you? It’s been pretty good here! Here are the things I’m loving this week:

1. Summer Rain

This week we’ve had a lot of rain storms. I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love the sound of rain. But I really do. I love it. The rain storms this week have been in the morning. I love opening the door and sitting in the doorway. I watch, listen, and smell the rain.

When each of my kids have been small enough, I pull them on my lap and let them enjoy it with me. This week, it was my daughter. Of course, she decided to pull on her rain boots and stand right outside of the doorway, getting wet but enjoying it none-the-less.

2. House Hunters International

I love this show. I love seeing a cool city. I love hearing the people’s stories. And for some strange reason, I can never pick which house they are going to choose but I love trying.

3. Sleeping

Sleeping is so cool. It completely rejuvenates your body. It makes you feel great. It’s just amazing. I could do it anywhere, almost any time. I think it drives my husband crazy but I also think it’s going to help me live a really long, long time! Sleep is awesome and I love it.

What are you loving this week?


There Is Only One Happiness In Life – To Love and To Be Loved

George Sand almost got it right when she said, “there is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.” Her first mistake, I don’t think it’s the only one. Maybe it should say, the greatest one.

And, by the way, don’t you think that counts as two “happinesses” – one, to love, the second, to be loved. Anyway, enough about George Sand. More importantly, here are the top three things I am loving this week!

1. Wildflowers

There is a stretch of highway I drive everyday (almost). In the center area there are patches of wildflowers the township planted. Most likely, so there will be less grass for them to mow. But, it looks so pretty. It makes me smile every time I drive past. I love it.

2. Decorating

This week was my daughter’s fourth birthday. Since my boys have been little, I’ve decorated the house while they slept so when they wake up in the morning, it’s an immediate birthday celebration. My biggest tradition is hanging streamers down from the bedroom door.

I hadn’t started the tradition yet for my daughter. The night before her birthday I was feeling tired and was going to forgo the decorating for a year with her. However, my son was appalled.  “She has to have decorations when she wakes up!” So, he proceeded to decorate her door and then more of the house for her.

It was adorable! I love that he likes this tradition so much, he couldn’t stand the thought of his sister not having it. It made me happy to think all the times I was tired the night before his birthday, I got up and did it. It made me even happier to know he appreciated it.

3. Dating

This past weekend, my husband planned for us to go out and have a drink after we put Leah to bed. A real date night, out of the house, with a baby sitter. It was only for a few hours but it was delicious. I loved getting dressed and looking pretty.

Going out to a real grown-up place without having to pull out crayons or fret about somebody spilling their water. And most importantly, be able to actually finish a sentence, no wait, a whole thought, without someone interrupting! Love, love, love!!

In retrospect, maybe George is right. When I think about it the times when I’m happiest, it’s when I am feeling love for something or when someone is showing me love. Okay, I’m on board! But, I still hold to changing it to two instead of one.

What are you loving this week?



Love Is Great When You Find Someone To Give It To

So, you might have realized every other Friday, I devote a post to the things I’m loving. On the opposing Friday, I do one on the things annoying me. I really can’t decide which I like doing better.

I’m not going to think about it too much though. I’m chalking it up to the balance of life. You need the things you love and you need the things that are annoying. Perfect!

With balance in mind, here are the three things I’m loving this week:

1. Twitter

First, I really love Twitter. I know a lot of people may not get it, but I think it’s cool. Let me know if you want me to give you all the positive points on Twitter (cause, I’ll do it!) but here is one.

Earlier this week, you might remember I, with my son did my first vlog post reviewing the book We Were Here by Matt de la Pena. I tweeted the post to the author. And, guess what – he watched it and tweeted a response.

That, to me is…amazing! I was so excited and he said something super positive about my son, which I thought was even more amazing. My son was very excited too. I just think it’s great that there is a vehicle to share thoughts, ideas, and sentiments on a global level. Love it!

2. Shopping

Real shopping. For clothes. Like I go in the dressing room and try stuff on – remember that. I hardly do. Normally, I shop at Target for lots of stuff, including most of my wardrobe. I need something, I go to Tarjay, I grab a medium, done.

This past weekend, I went to the mall. I went to Banana Republic and actually tried clothes on. In a real fitting room. And, I bought some (on sale, of course). Love.

3. Air Conditioning

This week has been super hot! I know it’s probably nothing to my family and friends in hot states like Texas and Arizona but for me it’s waaay hot.

Thank goodness for air conditioning. I LOVE air conditioning. How did anyone survive without it? I would have never made it in the centuries, even decades past. So shout out to Willis Haviland Carrier from Buffalo, NY who invented air conditioning (after lots of experiments across the globe – even Ben Franklin was involved!). I love you all!

That’s it…have a LOVEly weekend!

What are you loving this week? Share!

Love is great when you find someone to give it to. – Unknown.

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Where There Is Love There Is Life

It’s all love this week! What’s not to love when the week includes a holiday with fireworks (even if it fell in the middle of the week). Here’s my top three of the week:

1. Fireworks

Have I mentioned previously that I love fireworks? I think I may have. But, since it really only comes once a year – let me say again, I LOVE fireworks. I know you’ll think I’m corny when I tell you this – but at the end, when all the fireworks are going off at once and the sky is just lit up…I tear up…ssh, don’t tell anyone else.

2. Beach

We were able to visit the beach for the first time this summer. It was fantastic. I love going to the beach. I absolutely love the ocean. Isn’t it amazing that no matter what happens in your life or mine, the ocean just keeps rolling in and out. When you think your life is crazy, just remember, the ocean waves are still going. You can always count on that!

3. Happy Hour

I love Happy Hour. It doesn’t have to be at a bar. It doesn’t have to include fancy drinks. It doesn’t even have to include discounted drinks (although I love that). It does have to include relaxing, family and/or friends, and good drinks (can even be nonalcoholic if you’re into that).

What I love is the feeling of releasing all the tensions of the day, unwinding with good conversation, and lots of laughs. And, I love that a cold beer or nice glass of wine is involved.

It’s even better when it’s on a Friday…so enjoy Happy Hour this evening. I’ll be raising a glass with you…Cheers to the Weekend!

What are you loving this week?
What are you drinking during Happy Hour tonight?

Where there is love there is life. – Mahatma Gandhi

Love is a Serious Mental Disease

Sometimes when you love something too much, you get a little crazy. Um, I’ve been there before…but, we’re not talking about that kind of love today. Today. we’re talking about the good kind of love – love that just makes you happy.

So, here are the three things I’m loving this week:

1. Facebook Birthdays

As you know, my birthday just passed. I got tons of great birthday wishes on Facebook. Normally, I’m not a big Facebook fan but on my birthday, I love it. And, I’ve never felt more loved. I know it’s not a big deal really but it makes me feel happy and I think it’s the coolest thing about Facebook.

2. Graduation

My son graduated this week and will start high school in September. I am so proud of him. He did such a great job in middle school. He had a bit of a rocky start – the lockers got to him – but he came out shining. This week, I’m loving the great job he did, not just in eighth grade but throughout middle school!

3. Ice Cream

I’ve also mentioned this week, I love ice cream. I just had to mention it again. I love ice cream. There. Done. Nothing more needs to be said. Thank you.

Love is a serious mental disease. – Plato

What are you loving this week?
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Love is in the Air

Raise your hand if you remember this:

Okay, thanks…just taking a quick audience age poll! 😉
Now, on to the top three things I’m loving this week…

1. Fresh

It’s spring time and you know what that means – lots of rain showers. At least that’s what it means where I live. I do not mind though. I love the rain, especially at night and even more than just showers, thunderstorms.  Which is good because summer is coming and with it comes the amazing light shows and heavy booms.

Lying in bed with my window open and listening to the rain fall is so soothing and relaxing. I love it!

2. Clean

Clean sheets. Is there anything more relaxing than getting into a freshly made bed with luxurious, rich clean sheets. I mean even my cheap sheets feel luxurious and rich when they’re clean.

I’m a little weird about my sheets, I’ll admit it. I like them a certain way at the top – you must have a lot of extra sheet up there. You have to have hospital corners (I know a lot of people probably don’t know what that means – for those of you that don’t, here’s an image and instructions). And, the sheets have got to be smoothed out.

What a pain, right? Talk to my husband…

But, climbing into that freshly made bed is a-mazing and I think, gives you a more restful sleep! Now, you gotta love that!

3. Laundry

I hate the laundry. It’s so daunting But..there is nothing like the feeling of getting all of the wash done. I mean, done. Washed, dried, ironed, folded, and put away.

Doing it is such a pain. I can’t decide which part of it I hate more…every part stinks worse than the next but once it’s done… it’s 10 seconds of pure pleasure from when I flop down on the couch and take a deep breath until the next piece of dirty clothes is thrown into the hamper. But, what a great 10 seconds! Pure bliss…

Is your laundry done?
Are your sheets clean?
What are you loving this week? 

A Loving Heart Is the Truest Wisdom

It’s that time again – let’s talk about love. Here are my top three for the week:

1. Mornings

Okay, mostly I hate mornings! But some mornings, Leah gets up early. Seems like it should be annoying but it’s not…because she is so cute when she comes running into our room. And, as she’s climbing up on the bed, she’s asking,

“Mommy, want to snuggle?” Yes, it’s a-dorable!

Then she gets under the covers and snuggles up all close (and puts her cold feet on me because she refuses to wear socks in bed). She smells so yummy and the whole thing is just delicious.

2. Tree Tunnel

The other day I’m driving down a quiet street in my town. There are a lot of trees in my town – there’s a whole committee dedicated to which trees can be trimmed, don’t even mention taking a tree down.

Anyway, as I look ahead, the trees on both sides of the street are coming together. So, I’m driving down the most luscious, green tree tunnel imaginable. It was so amazing – thank you town tree committee.

3. When You’re Happy

The other day Leah and I were home hanging out. She loves singing and dancing. And, she doesn’t mind making up her own lyrics and melodies. So she’s doing this on the landing of our stairs. I’m applauding after each performance.

Then she asked me if I wanted to hear a special song. Well, duh, of course I do!

She starts singing “When You’re Happy and You Know It” but changes the first verse from ‘clap your hands’ to ‘hug your mom’ and the second verse from ‘stomp your feet’ to ‘kiss your mom’ – no third verse though.

Then when she was finished she came down and hugged and kissed me. Is that cutest thing, ever. Don’t you love it? Well, I did 🙂

A loving heart is the truest wisdom. – Charles Dickens

So, what are you loving this week?

Love, Love, Love…This Week

Are you ready for a little love? Here’s some, you add yours, and then we can spread it all around the world! Are you ready?

Here are the things I’m loving this week.

1. Spring

Of course, most people love spring. But here is one of the many reasons I love it…it is the great equalizer. Yep, you read it right…equalizer. Stay with me. In Spring everybody’s lawn looks awesome. You can’t really tell who has fertilized, who doesn’t have time to weed, who has forgotten to water after two weeks of no rain, you just can’t tell.

Everyone’s yard looks great. I mean give me one small, flowering dogwood tree and you can’t see that broken down jalopy in the yard. All the flowers, all the new greenery, all of it looks fabulous.

So, if your yard is junky, enjoy while you can. 🙂

2. Cinnamon Sugar

Right now, I am totally into cinnamon sugar toast. Okay, here’s what you do – make some toast, butter it, sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix (1T sugar with 1/4t cinnamon) over it. De-licious. I mean really, it’s fantastic. Not healthy, but fantastic.

I’m the kind of person who gets on a kick and takes it to a new level. Right now, it’s this – I could eat it morning, noon, and night. Then I’ll wake up one morning and think “ew, gross, I’m not eating that.” But, I’m not there yet.

3. Loud

So, the other day I’m driving in my car and a great song comes on the radio. I turn it up loud and start belting it out. I love turning up music loud when I’m alone in the car and singing my lungs out. Don’t you love doing this?

You have to turn it up really, really loud though (at least I do) because then you can mess up the words and be all pitchy (I don’t know what that means but I’ve heard it on American Idol and can’t sing so I’m sure I’m “pitchy”). Regardless, it’s a good time!

Okay, fill me in – I need more love!
What are you loving this week?

Love, Love, Love…3 Things Making My Week

Last week, I shared the things annoying me. Since I want balance in my life…

Side note: When I took French in high school my favorite word was équilibrer (kind of sounds like eek-a-lib-ray, but you know with a really cool French accent). It means balance.

I wanted to share a few things I’m loving!

1. Heated carpet

That’s right – you heard it…a heated carpet. I am forever cold, even when everyone thinks it’s pretty warm. Not to mention the main room in our house is coldest. Even when the temperature outside is moderate, that room is cold. I mean you can be wearing short sleeves outside and when you come in you’ll need a sweater. Okay, okay, you get it.

Well, my husband found this heated carpet that sits under our area rug. You can turn it on high or low. Let me just tell you, it’s amazing! I sit on the floor all the time…it keeps me so warm. It works especially well for us because I can just have the carpet on and we don’t have to worry about turning on the heat full blast.

I LOVE that thing. Really, I’m not kidding. (Oh, and I love my husband for finding it and buying it for me!)

2. Spring clothes

It’s spring. And all kinds of new clothes are in the stores. I love new spring clothes. I mean, I love all new clothes, don’t get me wrong. But, spring clothes are fabulous. They are so pretty and light and well, fabulous.

It’s like a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. Don’t even get me started on how cute the shoes are (and I’m not even a “shoe girl”). The shoes are so flirty and you get to show off your pretty toes. I’m ready to kiss that black goodbye and jump into some tangerine!

3. Sleeping

Okay, I do love sleeping but this time it’s about Leah. One of my favorite things is going into Leah’s room right before I go to bed to check on her. She has a nightlight (which could probably light up a small country) so I can see her.

She looks so beautiful and peaceful and perfect. Of course, seeing her asleep is awesome on so many levels. But there is such a sense of calmness as I stand there for a few seconds watching her. Just sheer happiness. I love it.

Can you relate?
What are you loving this week?

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